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BlackBerry may push Android out for second spot in the Canadian smartphone market

BlackBerry may push Android out for second spot

BlackBerry has been taking a beating on its home turf from Apple in the recent past. According to a report by AllthingsD, BlackBerry’s performance in the Canadian market for the fourth quarter of 2012 resulted in a disappointing 6 percent of the total market share. However, it now seems like BlackBerry may be seeing a shift in fortune.

Thorsten Heins excited about new BlackBerry phones

BlackBerry Head Honcho Thorsten Heins, while talking about the new BlackBerry phones
Based on data gathered by StatCounter as well as reports filed by other analysts, it seems that the new BlackBerry 10 phones, like the BlackBerry Z10, which is the company’s all-touch handset, has gone some way in helping the company get back some of its share in the Canadian market. Another reason for the rise may be the recent launch of the Qwerty touchscreen BlackBerry Q10. It should be noted that the Z10  was reported seeing 50 percent more response when compared to any other smartphone launch in the history of the country.

According to Seeking Alpha, as of Sunday, BlackBerry was seen occupying the number 2 spot in the smartphone category in terms of market share in Canada. The market share that BlackBerry commands so far stands at 27 percent. The other big players, iOS and Android have a market share of 48 percent and 22 percent respectively. Thus, while iOS is still the biggest player, it seems like BlackBerry is steadily coming up as well.

BlackBerry may be beating Android in the Canadian market

BlackBerry may be beating Android in the Canadian market


While the company’s report on its quarterly earnings for the Canadian-based OEM is scheduled to come on June 28, analysts are predicting a rise for BlackBerry, according to phoneArena. Two brokerage firms of were reported last week as saying that BlackBerry would top the Canadian market expectations of the number of BB10 units being shipped out this quarter, with the actual number possibly coming close to 5 million.

The Canadian company is doing pretty decently in other markets as well, according to the available data. In the U.K, StatCounter has registered data showing the company holds an 18 percent share in the market, putting them in the third spot. This is in comparison to the 44 percent that iOS controls and the 30 percent that Android commands .

Using the same data, BlackBerry stands on top of the chart on the South African front. The company controls close to 40 percent of the market share pie in South Africa, while Series 40 accounts for 18 percent of the stakes and Android rounding up the rest of the market with 14 percent of the pie. This data doesn’t surprise much, though, because South Africa has always been verbal in its support of the company, with reports by phoneArena showing the South African youth having voted for BlackBerry being the coolest brand of last year.

Analysts feel that the next two quarterly reports may be important for BlackBerry, as the rest of the year will show if the estimates about the company seeing a turnaround will actually come true. All this may be important news for investors, though, as the quarterly reports will show if BlackBerry is a viable option for investment in the near future. However, there is no official confirmation from BlackBerry about this topic.


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