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Bittorrent an Classical review from WideInfo is a type of protocol that is able to transfer huge binary data between two or more computers without a central server. The original file will be divided into many small parts, each of it gets own unique hash number to identify it in the network. Bittorrent works similar to Peer-2-Peer network where users can download content files directly from each other. The quality and download speed depends in first line on available seeds and leechs amount – as more peers share the file, as faster it can be downloaded by other network members. Bittorrent is social sharing community, so it works only if many users not only download but also share files on PCs.
Millions of different torrents will be uploaded and shared using this protocol daily. There exist a large number of tracker sites that provide big choise of available shared content files. The best way to search for a torrent in fast and easy way is to use any of some existed search engines. Good example is a service launched on The site indexes most popular international trackers and creates an index for torrent files. Torrentus crawls meta information and sorts received data into categories like movies, music, games, software, books and others.
For today Torrentus has more than 8 million bittorrent files in the database indexed from more then 30 tracker sites. The site provides powerful and convenient search and allows to sort search results by category and tracker name. The torrent page lists detailed information about torrent file, it’s name, description, content, seeders and leechers amount, as also available trackers. After user finds needed content he will be redirected to the original site where he will be able to get .torrent file to start download with the client. Torrentus offers a possibility to register a personal profile and comment on torrent page. Similar sites are Torrentz and Google’s inofficial torrent search.

Beside a good search tool like Torrentus user needs a torrent client to download found material. The most used and popular is uTorrent. The software requires a file with .torrent extension to start downloading. Once it’s imported the client connects to the available peers and transfers part after part of the file to the personal computer. After all parts are transfered the program combines them into original data file.

Bittorrent network is very easy in use. Having both tools like Torrentus and uTorrent client downloading from it was never easier. The most liked thing about this technology is that it’s completely free and doesn’t require any investments to use it.