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Birthday Party Ideas for Video Game Mad Kids

Coming up with a great birthday party idea for your child and all their friends to enjoy can be tough. Kids’ tastes seem to change on an almost weekly basis when it comes to what they are into, and your 10 year old daughter may have loved a Disney Princess themed party last year but this year she may be more into a party themed around her favourite boy band or her and her friends getting makeovers. It can also be hard to find something that will appeal to both boys and girls if your child is inviting a mixed group from their class at school – Manchester United may be all your son talks about but some of the girls coming to the party may get a little bored if everything is football themed!

One thing that almost all kids love, however, is technology. If your child loves video games, chances are all of their friends do too, and this can be a great starting point for a fun birthday party that everyone (including you) can enjoy. Here are some ideas:


‘Cosplay’ is a trend that originated in Japan, where people dress up as their favourite video game characters, or characters from cartoons or superhero movies. This is of course just a modern name for ‘fancy dress’, but it can be a lot of fun for kids who like gaming. Make the theme video game characters and encourage everyone to dress up as their favourite. You can also have themed decorations and snacks, for example a cake that looks like Pikachu and sweets that look like the mushrooms from Super Mario.

Throw the Party at an Arcade

A lot of games arcades have provisions to host kids’ parties, and this can be a great idea if you want there to be lots of activities they can do without having to set things up at home. There are usually games kids can play competitively such as racing games and shooting games, and even dancing games where they can burn off some energy! You could either have the whole party there including food and drinks, or meet there to play for a while before going back to your home for a more traditional party with cake and party games.

Hire a Mobile Game Centre

Another option is to hire a mobile game centre to allow kids to play with all the latest consoles and games at your own home, on huge TV screens with all the coolest accessories (like racing chairs and steering wheel controllers for car based games). Companies like The Games Pod hire out these kind of facilities for all kinds of social events, and they are perfect for games crazy kids to enjoy (if you are lucky you may get to have a go on some of the games too!).

A video game themed party is generally a good one to choose, because it appeals to just about all children and allows them to play and have fun together, as well as show off their skills!