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Binge Out! Watch Like a pro

Are you a movie buff or television maniac? Ever scratched up your mind searching for a new TV show to start after you finished all the episodes of your favorite TV series? It’s a complete headache to go on databases for movies and TV shows and search for individual reviews. Many critics give positive fake and paid reviews which make the movie a hit over the silver screen. People never go to the individual viewer’s ratings or perception. Although there are a bunch of online streaming media’s like YouTube, Netflix and amazon instant video, people share a lot of reviews about series on the individual streaming website. Nevertheless, thanks to “Binge Out”, a dedicated website which tells you what’s worth watching and from where you can watch it without even sucking up much of your time.

Binge Watch Streaming TV like

Binge Out aggregates the ratings and reviews given on various shows and gives you the overall outcome so you can decide whether you should watch the series or not. People from around the world can rate their favorite shows and make comments about them so it becomes easier for other viewers to have a perspective on what to watch or not.

There is a separate category, Binge Recommends, where the site editors stack up the most ranked shows or the list with the most comments and ratings. It’s always eye-popping to see a complete list of shows from the most ranked to the least ranked, through which anyone can have a look at what’s trending and what most of people prefer to watch.

The Internet has taken over the traditional On Air television media and shifted onto a digital stream accessible anywhere around the world, on any device connected to the internet. Even though you are streaming your shows over a mobile device, you can check out their ratings and reviews on the Binge Out mobile optimized website itself. You can even subscribe to their newsletter, which features “Binge of the week”, an exclusive recommendation list based on your interest.

Ever wanted to know when the next episode of your favorite TV show is coming out? Binge Out has the exclusive page where they list the upcoming TV shows for the current month. If you have an old school personality and love to watch 70’s or 80’s shows, Binge Out has the whole list specially up for you on their “Retro Binge of the week” page. If you can’t find your show on the website, or if you want to add your own TV show, you can list it by filling up a simple form available on the website.

Binge Out currently recommends a total of 20 streaming services, including the famous Netflix, Hulu Amazon video, and YouTube, where you can watch thousands of TV shows. Binge Out is also available as an App for Android and iOS mobile devices, you can easily download the app through the app store and go through the complete database of TV shows with an easy-to-use search feature or take advantage of the categorized listing.

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