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Billion-dollar babies: Far-out pet projects of the tech elite

When you had as much cash as Larry Ellison, you too could hold a huge sailing trophy over your head.

The quantity of wealth concentrated in Silicon Valley and the better expertise business deals no small quantity of conspicuous consumption: proudly owning a fleet of private jets, sustaining extravagant estates, and throwing events with reside tigers.

The trade’s wealthiest company founders and CEOs have so much money that each day bargains a brand new invitation to chase their wildest dreams and indulge, from flying catamarans to building floating cities. Imagine this: because of a surge in Google inventory, co-founders Larry page and Sergey Bring made roughly $3 billion each in 24 hours last week.

They aren’t on my own. fib CEO Mark Zuckerberg has viewed his non-public fortune balloon as the social community’s stock has soared greater than 70 % in the closing two months, while Leon Musk has watched his Tesla Motors shares soar from $24 to as excessive as $194 in only one 12 months. Amazon might not be churning out profits — actually, it loses cash every yr — however its share worth has jumped 150 % seeing that 2010, boding well for the non-public fortune of CEO Jeff Bozos.

Share the wealth? That demand would not fare much better among the tech elite than it does on Wall Street. And running an organization — or two, as within the case of Musk, CEO of both Tesla and Space — involves enough work to stop even the most adept multitasked from impacting the arena much beyond what his or her firm does each day. In spite of everything, invoice Gates needed to step down from Microsoft to turn his philanthropic foundation into a business trailblazer.

To their credit, for every foolish-sounding concept a tech titan throws cash at, it is simple to find a donation, basis, or moon-shot project that affects the world positively. Take page’s insistence that Google X focus on self-riding cars and balloon-delivered internet and his institution of the global affect Awards; Bran’s investments in researching Parkinson’s illness and lab-grown meat that addresses sustainability and animal welfare; or Zuckerberg’s $a hundred million public training donation and billion-greenback charitable fund geared toward well being and training advancements.

Still, a smartly-timed present of cash or a fascination with make choice scientific motives can by no means blur out the more questionable splurges, those that turn tech industry leaders into billionaire caricatures. Now we have rounded up the dear toys and far-out investments of six of the brightest and richest in tech that, despite their smarts, can’t seem to steer clear of these wacky needs to live perpetually, colonize different planets, and recreate the plot line of “Deep impact,” minus the apocalypse.