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What Is Big Data and What Does It Mean?

You’ll hear a term thrown around every once in a while now – ‘big data.’ Two very simple words that everyone knows. But when they get put together like that, especially within context of modern technology, they take on a bit of a life of their own.

And five different perspectives that you can approach the idea from include the educational perspective, the professional perspective, and the marketing, computation, and practical perspectives. Together, those different viewpoints will give you a better idea of what ‘big data’ means in general, and what it might mean specifically to you in your industry.

From an Educational Standpoint

In terms of academics or education, big data is going to coincide with learning about predictive analytics and decision sciences. There are programs of study that help programmers and analysts, essentially, to find ways to compound the results of gathering and comparing an amount of information that is flowing from place to place at speeds never before possible, and organizing it into something useable in different fields.

From a Professional Standpoint

From a professional standpoint, big data can be used for applications like traffic, car safety, photo and video face recognition, update analytics, and the ebb and flow of social media information. If you have access to organized big data about any of these topics, you can use it in order to tweak the design of your product, or even the framework of the code that you use to make your web applications. Whereas professionals might not deal with the data directly, they can use the trends in data to help them make positive decisions about the future.

From a Marketing Standpoint

In terms of marketing, big data is the holy grail of information. To be able to see how messages move around the world on the internet, or how sales of certain products work on a second by second basis, or how physical movements can affect larger patterns when it comes to things like temperature or friction – that’s how products will move into the next generation of development.

From a Computational Standpoint

The reason that big data is even a thing at this point is because we have the processing power to handle it. Before the new super fast computer chips, even if we could collect data at any kind of high speed, there’d be no way to store it or analyze it effectively.

From a Practical Standpoint

In terms of practicality, big data means that there’s a unique opportunity for products, services, and communication structures to improve much more quickly in the modern world. Using these vast amounts of organized analytics and readouts, not only will we understand present behavior, we also can look at trends that will continue into the future.

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