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Beyond the Smartphone: Is the Apple iCar Fiction or Reality?

You know the Apple Company mainly for its long line of smartphones and personal computers. You also know that the company puts itself on the cutting edge of technology and innovation. What you may not know is that Apple is creating an iCar. Learn more about the different features of the iCar and why it may be a viable idea.

Streamlined Design

The most obvious feature of the Apple iCar is the streamlined design. The typical Apple electronic, such as the iPod or iPad, is known for its smooth, streamlined exterior. Apple does not incorporate jagged edges or rough points into their seamless designs. In addition, their products are manufactured in solid colours, particularly white or black, and contain the Apple logo on the back.

So, the most defining feature of the iCar is its resemblance to the iPod. It has a smooth, simple design that does not contain edges or points, so the car looks like an object of the future. Anyone interested should have a good look at its design at this blog.


Since Apple is found at the threshold of technology, expect all of their products to contain innovative technological features. The first innovation is the way that people start the car. To unlock the door and power the engine, you have to synchronize your car with an iPad, iPod or other product of Apple’s.

The iCar is designed to drive itself with little input from the user. The car has LIDAR technology that uses lasers and remote sensors to measure distances and to create high-resolution maps. Use this system to detect cars nearby and avoid accidents. The car’s adaptive cruise control (ACC) system uses LIDAR to know when to speed up or slow down.

Through the synchronized iPhone system, drivers make voice commands that tell the car what to do. As they drive, they also make phone calls and create text messages. Using voice commands, they are able to ask for GPS directions and local traffic updates. Additional commands include flipping through the radio stations, changing the AC settings and performing any other normal task on a car.


The car is designed as a two-seater that suits anyone who prefers small cars. There is leg room and space for a trunk, but not much space for anything else. According to the designers, the futuristic style of the iCar is more prominent than its functional qualities.

The iCar is an electric car that serves to impress anyone who comes into contact with it. Even though the price tag is projected to be high, and many doubts about the car still exist, Apple has high hopes for the project. They have already initiated a series of test drives in California, and the release date is expected to be sometime in 2020. Anyone interested in energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly cars will like the iCar. The same goes for anyone interested in futuristic car designs and self-driving cars with voice commands. If you are interested, it is crucial that you keep up to date on the Apple iCar as it moves through the development phase.