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Some people need tea to wake up properly in the morning and some people need a cup of coffee, so that they can keep themselves awake for a long time during the nighttime to complete their work. Whatever your requirement is, will serve the purpose successfully. They have good stock of coffee and hot chocolate alongside Tea. So, if your little ones are fond of hot chocolate drink, then you can order it along with your preferred choice of tea and coffee. Now, when your package is delivered at your doorstep, there will be something for your little one as well. There are some flavors of tea that are available only at their site and no matter how hard you try to look for them at any retail store you won’t find them. The best products are delivered right at your doorstep within a week’s time. The packaging is done in such a manner that you will find all your products properly tucked in the box without any tampering. There are separate tabs for tea and coffee in order to make the navigation easy for the users. If you are fond of brands, then you can filter your search by Brands tab. There is a separate tab for Deals as well. With the help of separate section you can sort between different kinds of tea and coffee.

You name it, they have it

There have been times, when you come across a name of coffee or tea, but are unaware of where to find them. Now you have a destination for beverage, where you can be rest assured that if you know the name, they will have it for you. In case, your preference is not listed up there, you can let them know and they will make it available for you. At the moment they ship their product all over India and if you have placed an order over Rs. 500, then you can enjoy free shipping. They not only specialize in Tea, but also have different selections of coffee as well. Whether you like the Americano or the Cappuccino, or Espresso, they have all the options ready for you to select from. It’s been only a year that they are serving different kinds of beverages to the users, but they have already served above 1000 customers so far. People who have purchased beverages through ‘’ are highly satisfied with the timely delivery and the quality that is being served.

The beverages that are made available online are much cheaper as compared to the market. However, if you make use of the coupon codes that are present, then you will be able to get the product at much cheaper rate. So many brands under one roof and that too only for beverages wasn’t a common idea, but the founder of the website has made it possible.

Smooth navigation, ample options of beverages, especially tea and coffee and well designed website will make your day, no matter whether you are a tea enthusiast or not.