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Best WordPress & WooCommerce Hosting 2016: MilesWeb Review

If you are starting any WordPress site or blog, Hosting is one among the top few things you should consider.

There are many hosting providers who claim to be the best and #1 etc. but you should definitely check those before using.

You will find many people complaining about the hosting company from many aspects like-

· Uptime is bad

· High Cost

· Not a proper support etc.

Even I do as I am not happy with my current hosting company when it comes to technical support.


But what if I will tell you that you will get excellent quality, 99.95% uptime and that too at very low cost compared to market?

Yes, after so many trials, I found one company MilesWeb which is a well know web hosting company provides hosting plans from just Rs 109 per month.

I tried their WordPress & WooCommerce hosting and can say that they are very promising. Here is the MilesWeb Review on WordPress & WooCommerce hosting based on my experience.

MilesWeb at a glance!

MilesWeb is web hosting company which provides different ranges of hosting solutions apart from the VPS and dedicated servers.

They also provide domains and SSLs, as you required for your business. The best thing with MilesWeb is, the prices are very competitive and support is excellent.

So if you are looking for fast, reliable, simple and affordable web hosting, then MilesWeb is for you.

Below are some of the hosting solutions you can get at MilesWeb-


With the data centers all across the geographic location, MilesWeb provides the reliable services. Their servers are very much capable of handling any kind of traffic and load. Also, in the case of any failover the backup servers will continue to work and so you won’t face any downtime.

Here are the data centers of MilesWeb-


MilesWeb has established themselves as the top choice when it comes to affordable hosting. Their work can be seen from these feedback from their existing customers-


If you are still thinking of why you should go with MilesWeb, then check these-


MilesWeb WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a well-known and premier CMS currently having millions of users. Looking into it, companies started providing the dedicated hosting for WordPress so that users can start with this amazing CMS in a click.

MilesWeb WordPress hosting is fast, reliable and secure. Also, like other plans, it is very affordable as well.

You can start with MilesWeb WP hosting and can set up a site in minutes. 99.95% uptime, SSD storage, and super-fast speed are some of their integrands.

There are mainly 3 hosting plans for WordPress users like below-


So if you are just starting and needs to host only one domain, do with Economy plan which will cost you only Rs 109 per month which is just $1.65 per month. I am sure you won’t find any WP hosting cheaper than this.

Unlimited bandwidth, website builder, email accounts are some of the benefits of this plan. The only issue will come when you will have many files to store as the SSD space is limited to 1 GB.

If you need unlimited SSD space, go for Value plan which comes at Rs 227.5 per month ($3.4/mo.). This is almost similar to the Economy plan with unlimited space and unlimited email accounts.

But if you are looking to host more domains, Unlimited Plan is for you which comes at Rs 390 per month. Here everything is unlimited like you can host unlimited domains, use unlimited bandwidth and create unlimited email accounts apart from the basic features.

Here are some other features of WordPress hosting-


WooCommerce Hosting

MilesWeb can also help you to start your online store quickly as they provide dedicated hosting for WooCommerce stores. Their WooCommerce hosting comes with preconfigured WordPress and WooCommerce which helps you to manage the stuffs fast and easily.

You will get a free private SSL certificate for the WooCommerce store with the option to add dedicated IP at an additional cost. Every server are highly optimized to provide you the best solution and faster speed.

Below are some of the MilesWeb WooCommerce hosting plans which you can select as per your need.


The plans are almost similar to the WordPress hosting plans with some additional features especially configures for WooCommerce. If you are signing up for a longer period like for a year or two, definitely prices will be less compared to monthly signup!

Here are some additional features of WooCommerce hosting-


And if you are thinking of why you should only go with MilesWeb for WooCommerce hosting, then you should check below apart from the reliable solution and affordable prices-


Free Live Demo

If you want to try out MilesWeb before buying, just check the demo by logging in. Here are the links and credentials to get the live demo.

· Hosting Demo

CPanel Demo:

User Name: mwdemo

Password: demomw

Advantages of using MilesWeb Hosting

Here are some common advantages of using MilesWeb which you will find with all the plans-

· Free SSL certificate for unlimited domains

· Free SpamExperts for one domain with eligible hosting plans

· 30 Day Money Back

· 99.95% uptime guaranteed

· Unlimited SSD Storage & Bandwidth

· Free WordPress Installation & Migration

· Convert WordPress into Online Store Using WooCommerce

· cPanel Control Panel & Softaculous

· Servers in India, UK, US and Romania

· 24x7x365 Support via live chat, email and phone and much more.


This was all about MilesWeb WordPress and WooCommerce hosting. I am sure you must have liked these. Dedicated support, reliable services, and best price are some of their USPs. So if you are starting the site or looking for the change, you should definitely go with MilesWeb.