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Best Windows 10 PDF Editor| PDF Studio Pro 11

PDF Studio is one of the best commercial software application for end-users to create, annotate, review and edit PDF (Portable Document Format) documents and help them in their work. PDF Studio is a Java-based app and runs on each and every system platform including Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris and AIX. This software provides you with increases feasibility and sustainability of your valuable money resources as this is an all in one solution for all your PDF issues and related work.


This application comes with many a features which you should expect from a premium Portable Document Format software.

So let’s look at quite a few of those features that this app brings with itself.

Features of Qoppa’s PDF Studio Pro For Windows 10

With all that spicy introduction of an amazing software, you must be quite hyped about what all features can such an application bring with itself for use. Say no more the uses are just summed up for your ease –


This software will let you create PDF’s with absolute ease. Scanning your important documents to Portable Document Format has never been this easy before.




Reviewing and adding annotations to PDFs is really simple using Portable Document Format studio pro version.


Optimization of PDF’s is so easy that it involves just a few clicks. Comparison of Portable Document Format files is a matter of basic editing skills.


This software will help you in creating interactive Portable Document Format forms using JavaScript support. The software makes filling of interactive Portable Document Format forms a lot more easier with its basic design and also including JavaScript support with itself.




· The app will help you OCR your documents to add searchable text in the PDF’s.

· Redaction to remove sensitive content is quite easy if you know how to tweak with the settings a bit.


· Editing Portable Document Format content was never this easy


· Digitally sign all your Portable Document Format documents and make them permanently yours

· Secure documents with passwords and permissions in order to prevent theft of sensitive information such as house addresses, personal information etc.

· Merge, split and assemble documents


· Adding bookmarks, watermarks, headers and footers etc to your Portable Document Format files is really very easy with PDF STUDIO PRO.

· Batch document handling is an easy task with this software and is just a matter of a few clicks as this application provides you with a relatively easy form for managing all your data.


· Measuring tools are easily and more readily available in this software than any other Portable Document Format convertor or any other software like this. Thus PDF STUDIO PRO is your best bet for an all in one solution of a software that helps you manage all your PDF needs.

· If your Portable Document Format has many images then sometime you want to convert it to images of various formats like JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF then you’re at the right place.

· Helps you to convert PDF to SVG / HTML5

· Converting your PDF to PDF/A



Finding cons of this software is very difficult and you would rarely run into one but still I was able to find a few and would like to make you aware of such cons which you might face on prolonged usage of the software –

· Firstly this app isn’t free and does comes with a free version which is usable only for a limited time and to get access to all the features of the app you would be required to buy the software for about 130$ which isn’t quite cheap but it’s worth that price keeping in mind all the features this app will bring with itself, especially an inbuilt OCR.

· You may face some bugs with the software when multitasking as the app is not that great in allocating memory in your RAM but don’t worry as you’re fine as most computers nowadays have more than 4GB of RAM and such devices are easily capable to run this app quite smoothly.

Other than these I could not find any other problem with the software as it was so seemingly innovative and quite frankly very easy to use.



With my hands on review of this software I feel that it’s quite difficult to find an all in one Portable Document Format solution at this price perspective. This software really is an all in one solution for all your PDF problems and will be an absolutely smart investment if you’re a Business owner or an individual for both home and office uses.

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