Best ways to clean other storage

There are a lot of functions performed by Mac including the storage of files. This function is limited. There are several folders on the Mac including Apps, Backups, Movies, Audio, Photos, and Other. Everybody understands which functions the first five categories perform, but the last one is unclear especially for newbies.

Documents that can’t be specified as the content for these five categories fall into the last one. Among them, there are files which can be divided into several groups, including Archives, OS files, Cache, Documents, and Apps add-ons.


The first step you should do is organizing the documents and archives. How to fulfill this? Initially, documents are small-sized, but sometimes text-mage files have a bigger size than songs.

There are two ways to delete odd documents from your laptop

You can do this manually. For this, you need to use Search:

1. Go to the desktop

2. Press Command+F simultaneously

3. Open the first menu and select Other

4. Specify Search Attributes including extensions and sizes to identify your request

5. You can delete files found by the search forever

If you apply a content organization system, you should search for replicated, outdated, and unnecessary files and get rid of them. It’s easier since users know which document they deal with.

Why to Get Rid of Unused Apps

There are a lot of apps on your Mac that you simply don’t use. These apps only slows down your computer because it consumes resources on the start. We highly recommend you t go through your apps list and delete those you no longer use.

Delete Cache and Plugins

Bu sure not to destroy any essential processes and applications. You should do a backup of these files and folders. If you lose any content, you will be able to restore it in a very easy way.

With the help of cleaning apps, it’s very easy to get rid of the system trash. But if you prefer the old-fashioned ways, you can find it using Go to Folder tool. To clean up the cash and unnecessary files from the browser, it has become much easier since these apps started offering tools for this procedure. You can find them in the History section. These tools can help you clean up all the cache including websites addresses, video files stored for the faster loading, bookmarks, login data, etc.

Which Way Works The Best

If you are choosing between manual and automatic ways of deleting rubbish from your laptop, cleaning apps offer more opportunities making it possible for all users to reach the necessary results. So we highly recommend you to try a specialized software.

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