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Google Chrome is widely used by many users. It’s simple, responsive & secure internet browser. Are you searching for something to make your workflow smooth? Do you want such tools on Google Chrome? Well, there are many extensions available on Web Store but not every tool can be used for productivity. However we also consider Security as top priority. Here is a list of Best Google Chrome Extension for Productivity & Security.

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  1. Todoist:

Simple, Plain but Powerful tool. Todoist is basically a task manager. It can help your team or keep a track on your tasks. The tool works on approximately 10 platforms available in 20 languages. You can Add-Complete-Reschedule tasks from any device(Phone, tablet, desktop, browser or email). Just sign in multiple devices.

  1. RescueTime:

RescueTime is a time tracking tool which tracks the time you have spend in the active tab or window of chrome. You can get a clear picture of time you spend in digital world. The tool is smart & skips time counting where you walk away from your computer. So, you get the perfect time span.

  1. Be Limitless:

Limitless tracks your chrome searches & dashboard, makes time analysis. According to the analysis, Limitless suggests you Productivity Suggestions. You also get notepad for different functions. Analysis & Productivity Reports make it better than previous ones

  1. Ghostery:

You are 100% protected while using this tool. Protect your privacy, you can also view who’s tracking or trying to view your web browser. Ghostery gives you suggestions to make you capable of informed decision.

  1. Save to Pocket:

Best for freelancers & bloggers too. Save your article, videos or other media. If you find something interesting but you don’t have time to watch it now, just put in Pocket. Sign in & view your content anytime. If the content is saved offline then view it without Internet Connection. You don’t need to download anything.

  1. Grammarly:

Must use tool, mostly used by Freelancers, officials, bloggers, etc. Grammarly makes sure that your message, email, article, document is mistake free including grammatical errors. Fix every error using this single tool.

  1. Checker Plus for Gmail:

Got no time to read emails? Use this tool! Get notified whenever an email comes. You can also use read it out option, the tool will read the email for you. As simple as that. Also, you ca view emails offline. Gmail is an messaging service from Google for all platform. iMesaage is only for Mac but you can use this method to use iMessage on Windows PC without buying a new mac at high expense.

  1. Boomerang for Gmail:

Got a busy schedule? Want to send messages but you might be busy at that time? Well, Boomerang is a solution for you. Get your messages scheduled within few minutes. Messages will be sent on the scheduled time even if you are offline. Also track your message whether it has reached & any reply.

  1. Wrike:

Connect your taks, thoughts, ideas, files & discussion at one place. Get your team connected via Wrike & work together. Also, track your projects & tasks.

  1. OneTab:

Simple tool that just converts tabs into list. If you are having a lot of tabs opened just click on OneTab icon & the tabs will be converted into one single list. Access any tab you want.

  1. Toggl Button:

Tool best for tracking your moves without opening any new tab. Advanced features like idle detection, Pomodoro timer & tracking reminders. Work with automated reminders. Also work with hundreds of integrated tools.

  1. Strict Workflow:

Perfect Time Manager! Strict Workflow is a time management tool which doesn’t lets any distraction on your work place. Stay Focused while your work with an automated break of 5 minute after every 25 minute.

  1. Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides:

The extension lets you easily view & edit Microdoft Office files on your browser. You can save files in MS original formats(Docs, Excel, Slide, etc).

  1. Noisli:

Sitting in a noisy place? But still want to complete few tasks? Well, why not use Noisli? Noisli provides you background music to block outer distraction. Select & play 1 single song or mic sounds to make a perfect one for you. Stay Focused even at a noisy place.

  1. Chrome Remote Desktop:

Got multiple accounts but usually move with 1 device? This extension can help you manage multiple accounts even without taking space on your device. Get your data from multiple devices on 1 place.

  1. uBlock Origin:

Getting disturbed by advertisements? uBlock can help you, block every possible advertisement. You can also block pop-ups & video ads on any website. Additionally, enable or add filters accompanied by settings.

You can also try AdBlocker Plus!

  1. Google Translate:

Have you got clients who communicate in different language? Use this translator to communicate with your clients by translating any language to english. You can also translate texts, article or an entire website. You always get an pop-up on upper right side asking you whether to translate or not.

  1. Pablo:

Create images from texts which you can share on social media, newsletter or blogs. Once installed, right click on any image & open it for editting. Edit it according to you & finalize the image. No sign in required!

  1. Print Friendly & PDF:

This extension allows you to have a clean print version of any webpage you want to print. It removes ads, navigation & any unnecessary stuff from any webpage. Also, you can edit documents before printing, even removal of images are possible.

  1. Buffer:

Social Media Platforms are best way to connect with multiple people & clients. Buffer helps you manage your social media by rescheduling posts, & tracking your posts. All these thing in 1 click.

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