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Best Life and Career Options for People Who Love Kids

Children are the most amazing thing that will ever happen to you in life. If your opinion believes otherwise, that’s fair, but at the same time, maybe you just haven’t experienced the sheer awesomeness that kids hold within their tiny, often grimy little hands.

If you’re not convinced that you’ll ever love kids or that a life surrounded by children is for you, than you’re reading the wrong post. However, if you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum and you absolutely adore children whether they’re yours or not, here are the best options career wise and life wise that you can pursue that will ensure that children are your lifeblood and around you most moments of the day.

Become a Teacher

If you long to be a positive influence in the lives of young souls in this world, consider becoming a teacher. The options are pretty unlimited. You could specialize in kindergarten or preschool and basically hang out and color with children all day as well as teach them the fundamentals such as the alphabet and how to write their name, or you could focus on a higher age bracket such as elementary or middle school.

Teaching is a tireless and often thankless job, but if you have the passion for it and you know you can positively impact the minds of the future, then this is a great option for your to pursue in your life and career.

Open Up Your Home

If you adore children but don’t see yourself teaching 30 of them for eight hours a day, five days a week, then you might want to consider doing something a little less large scale. You may already have your own children, but if you feel that your home is a better environment for a child to grow up in than other environments, consider reaching out bring children into your home as part of the family.

This can manifest through adoption, foster care, or just allowing your children’s friends to come over and hang out after school. If you love children and want to be a part of making their lives more positive, consider all the options and find the right fit for you.

Start a Daycare

If you want to be a stay at home mom or dad but need a way to bring in money too, starting a daycare might be the perfect option for you. You love kids and you want and have your own family…so why not open up your own daycare and take care of multiple children while your raise your own?

This is the alternative to becoming a teacher or permanently bringing a foster care child or an adoptive child into your life. You still get to teach and entertain, all the children get to bond, you get to make money, and you don’t have the long term responsibility of providing necessities for all of the children. It’s really the best of all worlds.