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The Benefits Of Tentless Termite

There is no doubt that termites are a pest. Getting rid of them before they have had the opportunity to cause chaos is vitally important, but there is one problem. In most instances people end up going for the tented treatment method and whilst it may indeed be quite effective at what it does, there can often be a number of issues associated with it. However, that is not the only option available to you as there is always the possibility of you using a tentless termite treatment.


The Problem With The Tented Method.

There are several potential issues with the tented method. First, a number of people have complained about their building, and in particular their roof, being damaged and this then leads to the possibility of a whole host of other issues developing. Next, due to the toxicity of the treatment it can often lead to plants being killed and there is also the matter of food and even your clothing potentially being contaminated resulting in you feeling as if you have to throw everything out or going on a crazy cleaning spree.

The inconvenience that is caused by this method can drive you crazy and when you also consider that you are recommended to move out whilst the work is being done, which can take days, then the tented treatment method no longer comes across as being as appealing.

The Benefits Of The Tentless Treatment Method.

The first benefit is that you can simply forget about all of those problems listed above as they will no longer be an issue. Your roof is going to be in no danger whatsoever. Your plants will not be harmed in any way. Your food will not be contaminated, you will not have to bag up everything that you own, and there will be no need to wash all of your clothes several times before you feel that they are not covered by poisonous chemicals.

Instead, this treatment method tackles the termites directly and it involves injecting solutions into the colonies and attacks them directly spreading through the colony and killing the eggs. This means that this method tackles the termite problem in your home right at the source rather than a general method that feels as if it covers every square inch of your home. This treatment method is safe, it is going to cause no harm to your pets or even yourself, it is not a danger to your health and overall it is a much better option than that age old tented method.

Finally, you need to remember that termites can appear at any point and no matter if you go for the tented method or this safer approach involving injections directly to the source. However, the good news is that with the tentless termite treatment method it is very easy to get a new infestation treated as it takes a short period of time and a simply injection. Now, imagine the upheaval if a new colony arrived just a matter of weeks after the tented treatment. How annoyed would you be? Now, can you see why this method is better and why more people are opting for it? Of course as the benefits and ease of applying the treatment speaks for themselves.