Benefits of Installing Steel Security Doors

If most people had it their way, they would put standard doors on their homes and businesses and not worry about protection. Unfortunately, crime rates are still not at a level that offers peace of mind. Business owners and homeowners alike start looking for the most discreet yet effective measure of protection possible: security doors.

Benefits of Installing Steel Security Doors 1

While there is a standard door height that you should be aware of, there is no one size fits all approach to securing your house or business, so you can’t expect all security doors to be the same too. You can also buy solid steel bars, mesh, or doors. Whatever you prefer, you’ll see the benefits of installing one right away. Here are a few advantages below.

Additional Protection

On top of other security measures you may already have in place – such as CCTV, fences, and bollards, security doors are yet another level to offer peace of mind on an entirely new scale.

Additional protection is something many convenience store owners in New Zealand are looking for. As cigarette prices increase, thefts are also on the rise, and if you want to protect your livelihood, such additions as steel security doors are a must-have.

Many business owners also appreciate the ease of installation, maintenance, and care and how they often don’t detract from the store’s overall image.


Another standout reason to invest in security doors is because of their strength. Steel security bars help to stop criminals from gaining access to vehicles, weapons, and brute force. Steel security bars help to stop criminals from gaining access to vehicles, weapons, and brute force. While there’s typically nothing wrong with the doors that default with some businesses, it’s not natural events you must worry about.

Theft and related offenses still make up most crimes in New Zealand, and while it would be nice to think a wooden door or even a glass one that locks would be ample to keep out criminals, that’s not always the case. If you provide an opportunity to break, someone might take you up on it sooner or later.

However, if you invest in and install a strong steel security door, you are putting an extreme barrier in protecting what doesn’t belong to someone else.

Money-Saving Measure

You might find it odd to think that investing in a new steel door is a money-saving measure, but it is. If you think about it, insurance companies will look at you kindly if your business has several security measures. Your premiums may even go down as a result.

If, however, you have a weak door that’s easy to break down, not only will your premiums be high, but you’ll be more at risk of having to claim after losing possessions to theft. By spending money proactively, you are doing your business many favors.


Any steel door is going to act as a deterrent to would-be thieves. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you get solid steel, steel bars, or a steel mesh door; you are doing yourself a favor. Invest in a steel door that only sits in place when you shut up shop for the night. Otherwise, you may also be deterring customers who think you are shut.


When it comes to steel security doors, there are plenty of options available, including steel mesh. Not only does steel mesh strengthen your store entrance, but it also offers privacy. The mesh decreases the visibility ever-so-slightly. Even if you have something desirable sitting in your shop after-hours, those who walk by quickly will be less likely to see it if steel mesh is in the way. Such doors are also suitable for residential homes.

Lightness and Brightness

If you live in a high crime area or want to protect your premises from those trying to take what’s not yours, you may be inclined to buy a solid steel door. However, what if you don’t have any windows? Your shop’s storeroom will quickly become a dark and dreary place.

You can avoid this with a steel mesh door. You get all the lightness and brightness of a door with a window but with the added strength of steel. If you let this door ventilate to a gated section, you can also allow beneficial airflow without compromising security.


The sheer number of benefits surrounding upgrading your security system will astound you. Solid steel, security, and steel mesh doors are excellent options for ensuring your business or residence is as safe as possible. You can choose from ready-made options or customize a door and gate option to suit your needs. If you’re ready to feel safe and secure, then it’s time to talk to the steel experts.

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