Beauty: How To Protect Skin In Spring

In spring, everybody eagerly expects warm weather and slowly takes off their warm winter clothes. We stop hiding our faces from the cold wind behind the scarves, forget to apply thicker moisturizing cream and enjoy the sunshine. As a result, the skin that has endured winter is defenseless and gets even more damage.

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How to Tweak Your Skin-Care Routine for Spring | Everyday Health


You may discover that, despite having lived through winter without visual damage, your skin becomes dry and flaky in spring. To remove the crisp effect immediately, use a scrub with wonderful particles. Big particles will ruin the skin more, while the fine ones will polish it carefully. Avoid harsh soaps and cleaning lotions in spring; they can increase dryness. Choose soft options.


Spring is when people living in places with real winter suffer from a lack of vitamins. This is also true for the skin, so pay more attention to nutrition. If you consume fruit, you can make banana masks. Oatmeal or cream masks also work well for damaged skin.

Coconut oil is one of the best things for face and body care. Its chemical makeup is very similar to the human skin oil chemical makeup. As a result, coconut butter nourishes and moistens the skin better than other oils. Make a massage with coconut butter warmed in your palms every evening. The face will be oily, so take the excess of the butter off with a small towel. Such massage will warm the skin up, activate the blood flow and lymph flow, and protect the skin.



The best moisturization for skin is to drink enough water. If this practice is absent or insufficient, no cream will save you from dryness. You will notice positive changes on your face as soon as you have enough water each day.

To support the health of the skin, use tissue masks. They are perfect for bringing moisture into the pores and cells; they do not allow water to evaporate quickly and are easy to use.


Although this may sound counterintuitive, you can protect your face with makeup foundation, concealer, or powder. Some people still believe these cosmetic products harm the skin. While they are not perfect, of course, and in the long term, they can have some negative influence; this is true only if you do not take them off properly.

Modern beauty products are focused not only on beauty but also on the protection of the skin. So, using a proper foundation or a high-quality powder (opt for natural mineral powder if you can) is a move to protect from cold, dry wind and unstable weather in spring.

Additional Efforts

You are responsible for the condition of your skin, so here is what you should do additionally to improve your looks:

  • eat properly;
  • sleep well;
  • support physical activity;
  • avoid being ill;
  • avoid unhealthy habits.


Those whose nutrition and general self-care routines are stable and proper during the year have the least amount of problems with their skin in spring (and generally anytime). If you incorporate some useful habits into your daily life, emergency methods will not be needed each spring to bring your face back to normal.

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