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Beat the burns

Beat the burns

Has the heat already left your skin red and sensitive? We tell you how to soothe sun burns the simple way.

Shaving creams (Yes! You read it right)
Owing to their menthol contents, shaving creams can act as great coolants when used over sun burns. Being volatile in nature, they absorb the heat from the skin to evaporate, thus reducing damage.

Monitor the diet
A diet rich in antioxidants too will enable better healing of sun burns. Opt for foods rich in Vitamin A and C, like soy, citrus fruits and dark chocolates.

Trust the experts
Natural remedies can provide temporary relief from burns. However, products designed to do so, like the Lakmé Sun Expert Skin Lightening De Tan Face Wash, must definitely be applied since they can deal with the concern better.

If a day out in the sun has left your skin tanned, you don’t need to stick with it for days. Eliminate tan with the Ponds White Beauty Daily De-tan Scrub that helps to restore your natural fairness by not only eliminating dull skin but also impurities and dead cells.