Long weekends mean outings with family and friends. Whether people are getting ice cream cones to enjoy while watching the fireworks outside, or they’re sitting on a patio drinking their favourite cocktails surrounded by loved ones, dates like Canada Day are very significant in the service and/or food industry.


It’s difficult to maintain the enthusiasm of your workers when the technology upon which they depend is slow or, in some cases, breaking down as they try to use it. This is a very precarious situation to find oneself in as an employee, especially if it is during a customer-employee interaction; this is an example of business practices that need to be rectified immediately if you are expecting busy days. Whether or not your enterprise is equipped with a patio is unimportant – if you choose to remain open on a holiday weekend, people are undoubtedly going to stop in; the rushes will be constant, as you won’t have much competition to work with. The only way to speed things up and ultimately boost morale amongst customers and staff alike is by tending to the devices with which your business accepts payments.

Most people, moreover, will want to pay at their table. So, if you aren’t already capable of providing this service, be sure to upgrade to wireless payment terminals. Having debit and credit-ready processing machines is now the industry standard, so be sure to go with a merchant company that can offer both, for reasonable rates and easy to understand fees. One example of a trustworthy group that offers effective payment solutions is Swift Payments – the services they offer are unparalleled, particularly in regard to the ways the go about satisfying customers through transparent fees and around-the-clock support. Whether you are looking for a credit card terminal that is wireless or a Bluetooth, mobile debit card machine, this is one payment processing supplier that can be trusted. The innovative devices offered will surely help boost your business, once those summer rushes begin to hit your staff hard.

Suffice it to say, there are too many benefits that a new payment terminal will undoubtedly bring to your restaurant, bar, or even coffee shop this holiday weekend – with this in mind, don’t pass up a good opportunity to prepare for the exigencies of the service industry that long weekends entail. With this knowledge guiding you, you’ll surely be ready for not just Canada Day, but the many hot days of the summer that prompt people to step outside of their homes and enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes the world has to offer. Before you know it, you’ll be opening another location with all the amenities you need to become the perfect chain-owning restauranteur.