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Be Casual, Be Fashion Friendly

Fashion has always been about looking good, well-dressed and spending hours to get that perfect look! Fortunately, this is changing with the changing times, as people get busier and smarter. A large number of people are beginning to realize that it is all about being comfortable in your own skin and this is why, the latest fashion trends include being casual and cool, instead of being all dressed up just for the sake of being “fashionable”. is aware of the changing times, tastes and preferences of people, due to which there is a huge collection of casual wear on the website. You can easily choose from the large variety that are available on the website, ranging from casual shorts to pretty summer dresses. New fashion for women includes oversized tees, loose-fitted shirts and boxer shorts – keeping comfort at the top.

Talking about new fashion for men, ethnic wear such as kurtapajama and western casuals such as three-fourths are increasingly being preferred by men of all ages. These casual clothes are coming with a lot of different designs and textures and everyone ranging from models to old men is wearing these comfortable garments.

1. Oversized T-shirts

The sight of a girl in a loose, oversized tee-shirt paired with skinny jeans? Priceless! Maybe this is why these large tee-shirts are back in fashion and are being worn by models on stage as well. Add these to your wardrobe to give a punk-chick feel to your appearance.

2. Three-Fourths

These are ultra comfy and casual and men love them! You can easily pair your three-fourths with a loose tee-shirt or polo shirt and combine the look with a comfortable pair of sneakers in order to complete the attire.

3. Long skirts has a huge collection of skirts in different colours and patterns. Paired up with ganjis or tank tops, these skirts are ultra comfortable and give your personality a very relaxed appearance. Also, complete the look by wearing flat chappals or strappy stilettos.

4. Sneakers

Sneakers are the epitome of casualness and the best part about them is that they look good with everything! Whether you are wearing skinny jeans, palazzo pants or loose shorts; thiscategory of comfortable footwear will complement each and every look. Different colours of sneakers are available in different designs and can be paired accordingly.

5. Pajamas

Yes, they are in fashion! Ranging from brightly coloured lowers with quirky messages to plain and pale coloured pajamas; this comfortable piece of garment has quickly gained popularity and is being worn by one and all. Team them up with a comfortable tee-shirt or skinny top and you are ready to play it cool and casual. is well abreast with all latest fashion trends and accordingly, all garments and accessories of the newest fashion are available on the website. Browse to your heart’s extent and buy your favourite pieces in order to be fashionable, always!