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Avoid Winter Hazards: Combat The Cold

No one wants to admit summer is over, but now that we’re past Labor Day, it’s time to start preparing for the cooler weather ahead.

Winter is a beautiful season, but getting cold can be unpleasant, if not outright dangerous! In fact, 2015 saw a spike in deaths due to hypothermia. Cold weather is most dangerous for people who can’t readily leave their homes or move around, such as the elderly or disabled.

Read on for some easy tips on keeping your house (and grandma’s) nice and warm this winter season.


Getting insulation properly installed in your home can save you a lot of money on heating bills in the future. It will help keep the cold outside and seal the warmth inside, meaning you spend less energy to heat the whole house.

The installation process can be messy, and insulation with fiberglass is bad for your lungs, so be careful.


Every house has a heating system – be sure yours works. This is especially important if you are helping an older person to prepare for winter. If something goes wrong with their heat, they will not be able to fix it themselves.

Be sure to find a heating company that will promptly fix any issues. Some companies offer emergency care and will be at your door as soon as your report a problem.


Eat Right

Food fuels your body, and you use more fuel when you’re cold. Meals in winter should be more “stick to your ribs” than light supper fare. The best are foods that are high in carbohydrates and fats – this will help to regulate your body temperature and keep energy levels high.

Layer Well

Many people get this step wrong and layer by piling on every sweater they own. Actually, you only need a few layers to stay cozy warm. The key is layering correctly.

The bottom layer should always be something absorbent and quick-drying. It doesn’t matter how many layers you have on if the bottom one is soaked in sweat. Instead, wear something that wicks away moisture, like silk or synthetic fabrics designed for this purpose.

On top, layer something warm and puffy, like a down vest. Then finish it off with a weather-proof top layer to keep the wind out. You’re ready to hit the slopes!

Stay Active

If you are in an emergency situation, this one is the most important to remember – stay active. Moving your arms and legs will keep your circulation flowing and move blood to your extremities, preventing frostbite.

If you are with a child or elderly person, they may get tired quickly and want to stop moving. Don’t let them! It’s essential that you keep moving, even if you have to do it slowly.

Have A Safe Winter

Follow these tips and you are sure to have a safe, cozy winter. Storms can wreak havoc on phone or power lines, so after a blizzard, be sure to check on anyone you know who lives alone or in an isolated area – you could end up saving a life.