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Why You Should Avoid Signing Into a Contract for Your Home Entertainment

When you’re shopping around for home entertainment bundles, it’s easy to find providers who want to offer you a low price at the expense of being locked into a contract. A two-year contract is not a good deal when you end up moving in a year! There are many advantages to avoiding contracts, and you’ll be pleased to know that there are home entertainment options that don’t require contracts.

Contracts can be expensive if you have to break it, and even if you don’t, they often contain hidden fees. If you’re concerned about keeping your rate consistent, price locks are available at contract-free companies that help keep you from paying higher rates all of a sudden. Here are some of the main benefits of being contract-free when you sign up for your home entertainment.

Moving woes are no more
Have you ever been about to move before realizing that you’re locked into a contract? You’re forced to either continue service with the existing provider or, more often, forced to break your contract. Moving can be frustrating if you’re trying to stay in a contract. Some companies allow you to move and will send a technician to install Internet in the new home, but for a fee. Others just won’t allow it and you have to break one contract, then sign a new one.

No surprising fees hidden in the small print
While you can still incur fees with contract-free companies when you pay your bill late or request an unlisted number, there are lots of fees hidden in the small print of the average home entertainment contract. Fees can be for anything from modem rental charges to termination fees for ending your contract. All fees should be listed on your bill or part of your bundle charges when you have a contract-free plan, so you can clearly see what you’re paying and why.

Price locks help keep you protected
Some people sign contracts in order to get a guarantee that the price isn’t going to suddenly rise when they have been enjoying service for a few months. In response, contract-free companies often have a price lock like Frontier Communications offers, where you are guaranteed to pay the same rate for a certain term. This means you have the same protection as a contract offers in that you won’t have to worry about sudden price increases. You can count on paying the same rate, unlike contracts, which often come with promotional rates that expire a few months into the term.

The benefits of staying contract-free are numerous. If you’re used to being locked into a contract for home entertainment, you have no doubt encountered some of the drawbacks of contracts before. The only real advantage is the price guarantee, and with contract-free companies increasingly offering the option to take advantage of a price lock, this isn’t exclusive to contracts anymore. Make sure when you sign up for your home entertainment that you’re not going to be locked into a contract with a company for years to come.

Tyler Root is a customer service representative. He loves sharing his best tips on consumer blogs.