How to Avoid Fake Antivirus Software

Cybercriminals have invented new ways of manipulating internet users. One of the cunning ways is by providing fake antivirus software. Once you install this antivirus, it installs programs to access your personal information on your computer instead of protecting you. This is the easiest way for criminals to hack into computer systems. As an internet user, you must avoid such criminal activity at all costs. Here are some tips to help you protect your computer from fake antivirus scams.

Be vigilant

A threat alert may pop up when browsing, cautioning you regarding a possible virus. The threat is usually an imitation of a legitimate antivirus program. Be advised that this is a scam, and you should not fall for this trick. Do not open, close, or click on this pop-up alert to avoid such a scam. A single click could directly command the fake antivirus to download and install into your computer. Deleting the program from running programs is recommended when you receive phony threat alerts.

Fake Antivirus Software

Safe browsing

The internet is an extremely vulnerable environment when it comes to manipulation. While browsing online, you should be very careful about the sites and pages you visit. Safe browsing is visiting sites you can trust. If you don’t charge a place, ensure your computer blocks it. Don’t open any advertisements you come across while browsing. Some of these adverts are scams cybercriminals use to lure innocent internet users.

Buy from trusted sources.

There are thousands of sites claiming to sell antivirus software. However, not all these sites are interested in protecting you from cybercrimes. Some software sold does the opposite; it steals your information instead of protecting it. Buying from a legitimate dealer is the only way to get a legitimate internet security program. You can find genuine antivirus programs at, including the world’s most trusted brands, such as Norton, Kaspersky, and McAfee.


Read reviews

Gather important information on fake and legitimate antivirus programs by reading reviews. Several cybercrime-related sites provide reliable information on some dealers you should avoid. This information helps online users be mindful and vigilant when shopping for internet security software.

Cybercrime is among the world’s greatest threats. Companies are losing millions every day through cybercrimes. Be protected from cybercriminals by installing a legitimate antivirus program, and avoid buying fake antivirus software. Start your search now by shopping for a reliable and trusted source of cheap antivirus software to protect you while browsing online.

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