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How B2B portals are useful in promoting your business?

In today’s time and age, when everything is digitized and globalized, there’s no reason for your business to stay backwards. In order to take your business, a step ahead, you need to have good promotion and marketing not only for your end-users but also for your peer groups such as investors, suppliers and other correspondents. This will generate proper growth …

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Chrome starts carving out mobile-browsing turf

Chrome starts carving out mobile-browsing turf In worldwide mobile browser usage, Google’s Chrome has begun carving out a niche. The Android version of Chrome has begun carving a niche for itself in the mobile browsing market. In May, usage of the mobile version of Google’s browser on smartphones and tablets accounted for an all-time high of 3.2 percent, according to …

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Why It’s Best to Have an Emergency Locksmith On Call

All we can do is be ready for whatsoever may come our way, be it the best or the worst. Our duty is to be prepared and smart preparation really helps. There are many reasons why any common person may require a locksmith. Man people don’t really understand this until they actually get an emergency. Last minute locksmith services may …

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How to Develop Forward Thinking as a Skill

Qualities such as the ability to learn and adapt as well as empathy are great qualities to have as a community leader. More importantly, these qualities will also help you perform better at your job or while managing your own startup. Many tech startup owners are starting to take counseling courses online from top names such as Wake Forest University …

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Was This The World’s First Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock?

Clock Ancient Wake Up Light Clock As long as you don’t take the sun into consideration, this 18th century contraption could very well be the world’s first alarm clock that uses light as a wake up trigger, instead of sound. Release Of Clock A spring-loaded mechanism triggered by its built-in clock releases a flint-lock that lights a pop-up candle. So if you …

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