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How to Secure Your iPhone from Hackers

Many people mistakenly believe their iPhones are invulnerable to hackers. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Last year, a group of hackers penetrated and stole data from over 225,000 iPhones. This wasn’t the first time hackers were able to take advantage of iPhone users. It probably won’t be the last either, so it’s important to take as many …

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Google Launches Stunning ‘100,000 Stars’ Chrome Experiment

Google Google Looking Looking for an activity that will help kill some time and remind you of how small we are relative to the rest of the universe? Google has you covered. The search giant today launched a new Chrome Experiment called “100,000 Stars,” which provides a stunning look at the stars that are relatively close to Earth – you know, just …

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Download Android 4.2.1 AOKP Custom ROM for the AT&T HTC One X

HTC One X Custom ROMs are freely available for almost every Android smartphone out there with developer groups like CyanogenMod and the vast community at XDA helping users pick the best ROM for their compatible device. The idea of getting a custom ROM on a smartphone is so intriguing that people often forget the risks involved in the process. Potentially …

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Nokia confirms Abu Dhabi for Oct. 22 experience; Lamia 1520 seemingly

Nokia will hang its next Nokia World experience in Abu Dhabi on October 22 the place it’s more likely to take the wraps off a new giant-display Lamia. A picture touting the event portrays a boat with the Nokia brand sailing towards the shores of Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates. The image would not offer any small …

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The 5 Key Elements of Landscape Design

Landscape design can be defined as a design and art tradition that combines nature and culture. Landscape design helps to bridge gap between landscape architecture and garden design. Landscape design thus focuses on integrated landscape planning of the property, along with focusing on specific design of landscape elements and the greenery within. Landscape design focuses on detailed site involvement, and …

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