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The Craze for Single Coffee Makers is Spreading

Coffee is one such reviving drink that adds to the stimulating power and enables a person to work effectively for a longer period of time. With numerous coffee making machines making their presence felt in the market, people are always confused to select the best one. The reasons behind it are the attached features that make the selection difficult. Depending …

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Latest iOS jailbreak dubbed the most popular ever

Latest iOS jailbreak Just days after its release, one of the most high-profile iOS jailbreaks turns out to be the fastest to be adopted too. Evasi0n, which gives iPhone, iPod, and iPad owners deeper access to the software on their devices than Apple allows, has been downloaded and used by nearly 7 million people since its release on Monday, Forbes …

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How to Shop for a Family-Friendly Home in the Suburbs

U.S. suburbs are experiencing the greatest population growth in the nation. People are more likely to relocate to a suburb from a nearby city than the other way around. Nearly two million people moved from cities to suburbs in the last year, experts say. As economic conditions improve, many American families are hoping to purchase a suitable house in the …

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Microsoft: Facebook Home? Wait, that’s Windows Phone

Microsoft: Facebook Home? You may have been one of those who felt enthralled and delighted at Mark Zuckerberg’s launch of Facebook Home yesterday. You also may have felt appalled and slighted. Especially if you worked at Microsoft in 2011. The morning after the morning before, Microsoft’s forthright head of PR, Frank X. Shaw, offered words to suggest he’d have liked …

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Edward Snowden Seeking Asylum in Ecuador With Help From Wikileaks

According to an announcement from the Hong Kong government, PRISM whistleblower Edward Snowden, has left Hong Kong. The Hong Kong government resisted pressures from the US to extradite Snowden, saying that “the documents provided by the US government did not fully comply with the legal requirements under Hong Kong law”. They have also requested clarification regarding reports that the US …

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