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Apple fights back against iPhone ruling in Brazil

Apple fights back Apple has struck back in its ongoing battle over the “iPhone” trademark in Brazil. Not surprisingly, Apple has decided to challenge the ruling laid down yesterday by the Institute of Industry Property (INPI) that Gradiente Eletronica’s registration for the “iphone” trademark in 2000 is valid, Reuters is reporting today, citing conversations with people within INPI. Now that …

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LG’s Optimus L Series sales top 15 million units

LG’s Optimus L Series LG‘s Optimus L Series, which made its debut at Mobile World Congress last year, is selling at a rate of one per second, the handset maker accidentally revealed today in a press release. According to LG, it has sold 15 million Optimus L devices since last February. The company mistakenly released the news today and had …

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Apple plans to issue fix for iOS 6.1 Exchange sync bug

Apple plans Apple announced today that it has identified the cause of a sync problem between iOS 6.1 devices and Microsoft‘s Exchange service and said that it would issue a fix in the next software update. Almost immediately after Apple release iOS 6.1 at the end of January, Microsoft Exchange administrators noticed that devices running the new OS version were …

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NASA data may have uncovered galaxy’s youngest black hole

Galaxy’s youngest black hole Black holes are created when a supernova explosion destroys a massive star. Scientists have discovered dozens of black holes, but all of them are already formed. So, when scientists recently saw different distorted remains of a supernova, they knew it something special. Youngest black hole What the scientists believe they observed was the infant phases of …

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Instagram seeks dismissal of lawsuit over TOS change

Instagram seeks dismissal Instagram has asked a federal court to dismiss a lawsuit over controversial terms-of-service changes the popular photo-sharing service announced last year. The lawsuit, which was filed in December and seeks class-action status, accused the service of breach of contract and trying to “grab for customer property rights” after announcing revisions to its terms of service that many …

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