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Sujoy Dhar is a business and technology and blogger. He is driven by the need to be creative and says that writing for various web properties allows him to stay up to date on one of the most rapidly evolving industries around. Each day provides Dhar with a new opportunity to educate readers about tech news and advances that help change the world for the better.

Keep Calm and Carry On: Why Your Company Needs a Business Continuity Plan

As the contemporary environment for doing business evolves, tearing down frontiers and connecting people through the latest technological developments, new opportunities constantly appear; but so do new challenges and up until now unknown dangers. And in a world where time is money and speed is valued tremendously, companies have to …

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How to track online activities using mobile app

In a world surrounded by smartphones and several other gadgets, it may be a tough task to keep a tab on the activities of your kid’s activities on their phones. Likewise, if you are a cautious employer who needs to control the time spent by your employees on non-productive activities, …

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