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A Great Career To Look At If Numbers Are Your Thing

We all have different individual talents and as we go through school you will discover the individual and natural talents that you have. Some of us pick up foreign languages as though they were our own, others are able write prose and analyze screenplays as though they’d spent their whole lives in an English class and some have the ability …

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Financial plans: A concept designed for everyone

There’s a huge misconception that surrounds financial plans; some people believe that they are only designed for the ultra-wealthy. In other words, if you don’t fall into that top-1% of the country, what’s the point in putting any sort of financial plan together? Well, we’re here to dismiss this notion. Many experts believe that the best way for a person, …

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What Makes a Great Leader?

The World is full of great leaders, the business and political spectrum is filled with men and women who have a natural ability to command people. These men and women make up some of the richest and most powerful people on the planet and whilst they all occupy different levels of authority, the large majority of them have the same …

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What Will The World Be Focussing on in 2017?

Away from domestic issues of the day the World’s governments, each year, will have particular areas which they will need to focus on for the good of the global community. The World is far closer than it has ever been, since the inception of the internet and the technological advancements in travel, there are many areas of our lives which …

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Myths that can blight the modern-day digital marketer

It’s one of the fastest growing industries of recent times and in truth, it’s transformed the way a lot of businesses work. However, with so much publicity surrounding digital marketing, it stands to reason that there’s also a lot of misinformation which is published. You only have to take a look at social networks and read at what the experts …

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