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Asus may develop its own wearable device

Asus may develop its own wearable device

Taiwan-based firm Asustek Computer Inc., or Asus as it is better known, is reportedly toying with the idea of developing a wearable device like Google Glass. Focus Taiwan reports that the company’s Chairman Jonney Shih said that it held meetings recently “to review the development of wearable devices”. Shih reportedly even acknowledged that wearable devices are a “critical sector” in the realm of innovation.

“I think it’s certainly a promising sector, as we are talking about a cross-field war. We will likely see more bio-technology integrated with computer technology in the future,” Shih was quoted as saying.


Wearable devices next?

While referring to Google Glass and Apple’s iWatch as examples, Shih said that as these devices continue to develop, there will still be many possibilities, like bringing together technologies of a flexible display or a voice-controlled UI. “We should consider how to add more value for consumers, and we have been running many simulation tests in our labs,” he added.

The market for wearables is certainly a developing one, and ever since Google first mentioned Glass, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding this emerging device category. In fact, recently at the All Things D conference, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partner Mary Meeker acknowledged that wearable computers were turning out to be ” the type of significant technology shift that will drive innovation in”.

Google recently rolled out an update to Glass that brought nifty improvements to the photo experience. The new software on the camera allows users to capture images in quick succession behind the scenes, each time they press the camera button. Google claims that once these shots are combined, the final picture would be better than what a user would get with a single shot. The software will also automatically capture HDR pictures in bright scenes.

As for the Apple iWatch, much of the speculation has revolved around how it will present users with seamless integration for sports and fitness apps with regards to alerts and achievements, notifications for their voice and text communications, and the ability to control music and video playback.