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ASUS Comes Through With Promised Transformer Prime Unlock Tool


It was just about one month ago when ASUS took to Twitter to address owners of its quad-core Transformer Prime tablet regarding the ability to unlock their hardware’s bootloader for some development fun. According to the company, such a tool was in the works and the plan would be to release it sometime during February. Well, we may have had to wait through the better part of the month for it to get here, but sure enough, ASUS has now made the Prime’s unlock tool available on its support site.

In order to use the unlock tool, your Prime is going to need to have had the Ice Cream Sandwich update already installed, but we’re sure you jumped on that opportunity first chance you had. Of course, in downloading and using the tool you’ll have to agree to all the standard device-unlocking legalese, relinquishing your Prime’s remaining warranty coverage and generally indemnifying ASUS against any damage you might do to your Prime a a result.

If you’re still willing to take the plunge, all warnings considered, unlocking your Prime is now as easy as loading an APK to the tablet.