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Astonishing hi-fi components, designed and built in Oregon

The Coffman Labs G1-A stereo preamplifier

I was smitten with the Coffman Labs G1-A stereo preamplifier; even ahead of I heard it make a sound. I’d seen pictures of the preamp online and it looked tremendous, however when I noticed it in person I knew it was once one of the most stunning audio parts on the market. The texture of the control knobs and the metalwork’s fit and end are state of the art. Granted, the G1-A is priced as a result, but simply as with high-finish vehicles, watches or cameras, with purist audio design build high quality is solely as vital as performance.

Nonetheless, I wouldn’t be jazzed via the G1-A if it failed to sound special and it does. I heard it in my friend David N.’s gadget, which by no means sounded higher than it did with the G1-A. The variation was the transparency and total clarity of the sound.

The G1-A’s dressmaker Damon Coffman paid for his undergrad education whereas working as a musician; he is a violinist. Educated as a physicist, he based Coffman Labs to build all-analog, vacuum-tube-based totally products, starting with the G1-A. He knows what actual tune seems like, and he attempted to carry as so much of that quality as he might via his designs. Coffman wasn’t simply focused on sound; he crafted the G1-A to last a hundred years. The primary G1-As had been produced a few 12 months ago.

once I requested Coffman why he opted for vacuum tubes over stable-state, he mentioned, “which is a excellent question; tubes are inherently linear units, however strong-state electronics require feedback to change into sufficiently linear.” proper, tubes sound better, however Coffman wasn’t interested in making a preamp with a smooth and mellow tube sound; he craved accuracy, and he is right on the money with the G1-A. Coffman uses “point-to-level” hand wiring as a substitute of printed circuit boards, because he thinks that means sounds higher. It is also labor intensive; each and every G1-A takes about two days to construct. Coffman has a hand in crafting and testing the entire preamps in his shop, which is near Portland, in Oregon. The preamp’s all-aluminum metalwork is sourced from Coffman’s brother-in-regulation’s computer store, which is right subsequent door.

The G1-A has a constructed-in phonon preamp for turntable fanatics, and according to what I heard being attentive to LPs on David N.’s device, it’s relatively just right. The other big surprise concerning the G1-A is that it features a headphone amplifier, a function very few excessive-finish preamps supply. Coffman is readying a dedicated headphone amplifier, which must come out early subsequent 12 months. I hope to get one in for evaluation on this blog. An influence amp for speakers is also due in 2014.


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