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Assess HTML, CSS and Javascript Skills of Candidates Online

Today I am here to share a few words about an amazing online service that enables you to assess the skills of a candidate online before the live face-to-face interview. The service website is that offers mainly the programming tests such as HTML/CSS/Javascript, PHP, and some others.

Employee hiring process is the most crucial part of a company whether it is private sector or government sector. It is not easy to find out the gems for your company.

Before coming into full-time blogging, I have worked for a few companies where I have seen how the HR department of the company used to bepressurized to find out the best candidates for the interview.That isreally a tough job.

Even after getting a list of candidates, there is an issue that many of candidates fill wrong data in their resume to get into the interview hall. I have seen SMO expert of a company was taking interviews of 8-10 candidates every day, and still not able to find the one. It is because there are many job seekers who fill wrong info and skills, but once they sit in front of theinterviewer, they are caught and then rejected.

Due to this reason, you must sort the list first and call only those who are really deserving and have good skills. You can do it by taking a telephonic interview prior to live interview, but it is a very time-consuming task.

Keeping these things in mind, was created and launched that made the hiring process easier and interesting forever.

How works?

Using Tests4geeks is very easy because you just have to create the test and send it the candidates. You can send the test link whether by chat, email or SMS. Once they are done with the test, you will get their reports by email. Now you can easily figure out who all are skilled enough to be called for face-to-face interview.

How to create tests with

1. Go to and login with your credentials. You will be taken to the page where all the tests you have created will be shown, and you can also create new tests.


2. Click on the New Testbutton to create a new test, and then click on Choose a Test. Now you will be taken to the page where all the tests are listed.


3. Now if you want to create HTML & CSS &Javascript (say) test then click on it. Clicking on it will take you to the test information page where you will find some information about the test. You will also see thetype of tests that you can create.


4. Now you have to select any one out of the three test types thatare as:

(i). Test Job Candidate.

(ii). Share Permanent Link.

(iii). Pass test by Myself.

Let me explain these three test types.

(i). Test Job Candidate: In this, you can create a test for a particular candidate, that means if you have to test the skills of 4 candidates then you have to create 4 different tests for each of them.

Once you click on Test Job Candidate, you will see below page in which you need to enter the name of the candidate for whom you want to create the test


Fill the name and other info, and then click on Create the link. It will take you to a page where you will get the link of the test that you can share with the candidate for whom you have created the test.


Now, once the candidate gets the link, he can give the test. After the completion of the test, his/her report will be emailed to you.

(ii). Share Permanent Link: In this, you don’t need to create any test rather everything is done already. As long as you will click on this option, it will take you to the page where there is a test link available that you can share with multiple candidates.


Once candidates will get the link, and give the test, you will get their reports in your email. You can accordingly filter the best ones.

When candidates open this link, they are asked to enter their name and email address so that reports will be labeled with their details when you check the results.

(iii). Pass Test by myself: You can use this test type to assess your own skills. When you click on this option, you will see this page:


Now, just click the button “I understand the rules, Start the Test”. The test will be started.

You are aware of how to create tests with, and take anonline test to hire the best employees for your company.

Branding of your company


You have just learned the way to create the tests, the test links that that is created is some random domain. And the page will not have any logo as well. offers you to use your own logo, and domain to customize the test links. So that when you send the link to candidates, they will feel that test is actually being taken on the company site. You can get more info on this page.

You need to create a subdomain on your domain where the test page will be pointed so that the test page opens on your customized web address.


In the above screenshot, you can see that you have to enter the details to start the setup. Don’t worry! You will be guided through the process to set up the whole thing.


Conclusion is one of the most innovative websites I have ever found online that makes the hiring process so easier and interesting.

Computer and technology field is very crowded, so when there is one vacancy, you get a huge number of applicants. Test4geeks is a great help to sort out the best ones for the actual interview. This saves a lot of time of yours because if you call everyone and start taking interviews, you will feel that many of them have just wasted your time for nothing.

Therefore, such kind of online test is a very innovative idea. I would like to say thanks to to making the hiring process easier. You can have a look at the pricing details here, and make decisions of subscribing for this awesome service.

I would like to hear from you. What do you think about tests4geeks? Share your thoughts in comments.