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Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag gets new trailer that showcases the open world

UiSOFT has launched a big new thirteen-minute video for the upcoming assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. This time, ISOFT’s Ashraf Ismail explains the open world of the sport, together with some facet quests. Check it out :< /p>

the very first thing to notice is solely how huge the world is. Confidently, cursing around the Caribbean and Cuba can be more interesting than the large quantities of sailing in the basic Legend of Zelda: Wind Walker. This is mentioned through Ismail to be ISOFT’s general philosophy with naval exploration—something or the other should pop up each minute to maintain gamers entertained. As an instance, Edward can discover a random island the place he finds a treasure map. the video displays the gameplay switching relatively seamlessly from the standard pirate-fishing village to the naval exploration and combat mode. It additionally shows how important the action of boarding enemy ships is, quite than just sinking them.The video also displays off the game’s dynamic climate system, the place storms feel organic and can either utterly damage your ship, or be used to your benefit by way of drawing enemies in to weaken them.

Stealthing against a ship

Steal thing in opposition to a ship

the concept of the frontier from assassin’s Creed three has been improved to permit for higher navigation around trees, rocks and foliage. Weapons and devices have been multiplied, and Edward can use new items of kit corresponding to blow pipes. things like these are extraordinarily helpful in hostage eventualities where you need to employ stealth.Ismail has also printed that the collection’ traditional synchronization points now additionally act as quick-shuttle points, permitting you to immediately return to any synchronization point that you must’ve used.

The Xbox 360 and ps3 variations of the restricted adaptation will likely be to be had on October 29, while the following-gen and pc versions will be released at a later date.