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Are you using Social Login on your mobile website/apps?

Mobile is the future, we heard it long time ago. With more and more people migrating towards mobile devices to access internet, there is no doubt mobile age of the internet has arrived. People want information and they want it fast. Mobile devices are convenient compared to desktops as they are easy to carry. Study by StatCounter clearly shows that the use of mobile has increased by more than 28% from 2009 to 2014 while on other hand the use of desktop witnessed decrement by 35%.

StatCounter Stats

It is almost mandatory for every business to have a mobile friendly website. The recent update by Google has also clearly mentioned that having a mobile friendly website is now an important ranking factor.

“Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.” (SearchEngineLand)

It clearly indicates that Google is concerned about how mobile users deal with websites and if Google is concerned about mobile users, so friends! it’s high time, business owners too need to start worrying about their mobile users.

Mobile websites and apps

Key challenges faced by businesses

Mobile devices are too small compared to desktops, thereby making it a big challenge among businesses to provide a convenient usable environment to their mobile users. Whether it is a downloading site or an app to listen music online, people expect convenient hassle-free environment from the moment they arrive.

But a registration form being displayed in front of them as soon as they land to your website is a big barrier in the way of a convenient user experience. Specially entering multiple details like email, name, usernames and password with those tiny keyboards is sure to irritate them after all they came to your website to spend time browsing your website or web content rather than filling a registration form with such a small keys.

How social login is the solution?

Facebook reveals that 78% of users from US stay online via their mobile devices. So why not allow users to sign in to your website or app via these social media networks on which they are already online? Social login does exactly that.

With Social Login, you allow your audience to sign in to your website via their already existing social media accounts. Apart from preventing the headache of creating another password, it simplifies the process by making it a one-click process.

Social Login

Key benefits of using social login :

  • Simplification of registration process
  • Eliminating password fatigue problem
  • Getting reliable user data without annoying users
  • Less time spent on registration process means more time spent on browsing website
  • User experience personalization
  • Less spam registration
  • Achieving more return visits

Apps and websites that are using Social Login :

Numerous mobile apps are implementing social login in order to offer a convenient way to their users.

  • Goibibo is one such popular app which is offering social login to their audience so that the user can spend more time booking hotels, tours, flights rather than filling that form with multiple fields with small screen of mobile devices.

Goibibo Sign Up process

  •  Another popular mobile recharge website, has implemented social login on their website in order to enhance user experience by simplifying the process. By offering choice between traditional registration and social login, they have made user registration a breeze for their audience.

FreeCharge Sign Up process

Thus social login is beneficial for all organizations who want to keep their mobile users happy and satisfied. There are many other websites which can leverage the power of Social Login to boost sign-up rates and enhance user engagement on their website.