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Apple’s iPhone6 and rumors and expectations

With the galaxy S5 out in the open, many Apple fans expect the company will make a move soon. iPhone 6 is the new iPhone that is expected to be a pivotal device due to updates from other iPhone models by Apple. Many people speculate that the iPhone will be superb. This is evident because in line with a survey of 4109 US consumers, it is the most awaited Apple Smartphone ever. This is the ongoing rumors about the device:

Release date

The Smartphone is expected to be released on September, 2014 though no specific date has been confirmed. Based on past release of former versions by Apple, most people cash in on this release date speculation. One of the fact is according to where Apple is restricting holidays during September for employees at German Apple Stores. This strongly suggests a possible new launch during that period.


The iPhone 6 is expected to be totally new and surprising on the basis of the iPhone range. It will have a new display design. It is anticipated to have a 4.7 inch Retina display and be 1080×1920 pixels. It will be very slim at 5.5 mm in thickness. It is expected to have a sapphire crystal display that will have a self healing coat thus Apple will successfully eliminate the problems of light imperfections caused by the general wear and tear. The iPhone 6 is also projected to have a button free display that has an updated touch ID thus being more secure and more responsive.

Camera and model

It will have a 13 megapixel camera with iSight sensor that has a ring light flash. It will simply be the best iPhone camera ever. The Retina of the camera is expected to have a larger display with a Quad HD resolution. Apple is going to have two versions, that is, a 4.7 inch and a 5.7 inch model to attack and maximize on the market potential. Other rumors speculate the phone could have more than two sizes


Apple has capitalized on the touch ID fingerprint tech. The Retina and Sharp IGZO display is expected to have a 1080p Full HD resolution. The reduced thickness makes the iPhone 6 the slimmest phone in the world. iPhone 6 also utilizes the LED backlight technology. The storage potential is also rumored to reach 128GB for the first time ever. Only the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 will reach that capacity, while the 4.7 inch model will be around 64GB.

  • Magic home button- when one touches any spot at the bottom they are able to access the homescreen just like a Magic track pad.
  • It is sleek and button less built
  • It has a wrap around screen
  • It has an edge to edge display and it is bezel-less
  • It has an iPhone/ Lumia mash up
  • Finger print scanning feature

All these are just rumors and are yet to be confirmed. However, there are likely to be true and only time will confirm.