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Apple internally testing Mail app update for OS X Mavericks to fix stability issues

If you’ve lately upgraded to OS X Mavericks and are going through issues with Apple’s mail application, don’t worry, you’re now not the one one. There seem to be issues cropping up throughout the mail app, particularly on the subject of Gmail. The good news, then again, is that Apple is already privy to the problem and is working internally on fixing them.

In line with a record by 9to5Mac, Apple is testing a replace for the Mail app amongst its employees at present. It has also incorporated consumers who are signed on the Appleseed programmed to take a look at this app update out.

Fixing issues

Fixing considerations

The updated version bumps the Mail app to model and is labeled as build 1822, compared to the earlier one which used to be numbered 1816. The issue had first cropped up with the Mavericks Mail app and customers faced considerations with receiving messages, sorting messages into folders as well as deleting messages. The difficulty was once in particular dangerous with customers having a Gmail account linked to their Mail app.

Once updated, Apple is asking users to practice the beneath steps to verify stability:

  • Use Mail with your general Mail accounts, together with cloud, Gmail, exchange, and so forth.
  • send Mail messages
  • obtain and check for brand new Mail messages at the intervals you predict it
  • Learn and move Mail messages to folders to your mail server, folders in your Mac, sensible folders.
  • Delete Mail messages as appropriate
  • Undo move or delete moves with your Mail messages
  • Mark messages read/unread in both your mail supplier’s webpage and Mail and verify they keep in sync.

The updated Mail app is on hand as a patch download and not a full update to the OS itself. While OS X 10.9.1 is well into development, it’s nonetheless unclear if the Mail update will roll out one at a time or along with OS X 10.9.1.


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