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Apple Could Become Top Mobile Processor Maker by End of 2012

ProcessorA new study from mobile technology research firm from In-Stat suggests that Apple will pass Intel in the mobil processor business if smartphone and tablet sales continue to grow, and this will probably occur before 2013, reports IDG News Service. 

By the end of 2011, Apple has shipped around 176 million iPhone mobile processors accounting for 13.5 percent of the market and was behind Intel by only 5 million units. Intel represents only a 0.4 percent difference in market share.

This study consisted of processors found in various mobile devices, including the iPod touch, portable gaming devices like Sony’s PlayStation Vita, and e-readers. Desktop computers and servers were not included in the survey.

“Apple’s continued success of the iPhone and iPad, as well as the stronger growth rates of the smartphone and tablet markets than PCs” will help the company catch Intel, said In-Stat Chief Technology Strategist Jim McGregor. ”The more successful Apple is, the more credibility it adds to the entire ARM camp and the more competitive the ARM camp becomes as a whole,” McGregor said.

Apple’s ARM-based A-series chips are already in every iOS device sold, while Intel has just begun to introduce Atom chips in smartphones and tablets.