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Apple acquires Particle

Apple acquires Particle

CNET reports that late last month, Apple finalized the purchase of Particle, a small San Francisco company specializing in web applications and marketing using HTML5.

The acquisition brought over most of Particle’s employees whose LinkedIn profiles now list their occupation as “creative technologists” and one as a “user interface engineer.” The acquisition seems to be more of a group hire rather than a  move to secure IP.

Particle was founded in 2008 with the help of Justin Timberlake. How Apple plans to utilize this acquisition is not known, but the company has been emphasizing HTML5 a lot recently. Price of the acquisition has not been disclosed.

Earlier this year, Apple acquired app search company Chomp and it has shut down operations since the acquistion. Last year, Apple acquired Israeli flash memory maker Anboit which reportedly costed nearly $400M.