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App activity woven into Google Search

App activity woven

App activity woven into Google Search

Google is tapping into what’s trending by pulling app activity into Google Search results. The additional info in search results comes from apps that connect with Google+ accounts. It’ll roll out in the coming weeks.

Also featured in this tech roundup:

– Jawbone is pumping up its presence in the health-device world after buying BodyMedia. Jawbone already has the Up fitness bracelet, but BodyMedia’s armbands are able to measure more data about a workout.

– Verizon mobile customers will soon get 500 megabytes of free cloud storage to backup files from a smartphone or tablet. Android users will be first to get the perk.

– Anyone in the U.S. can buy an advertisement on Twitter. Before, Twitter only let select companies sponsor a tweet. But now, you may see a sponsored tweet from the neighborhood coffee shop.

– Microsoft is integrating Skype into, a free online e-mail service. It’s available now to users in the U.K., and rolls out next to the U.S. and Germany.

– Microsoft is teasing a concept for the future of Xbox with a video of the IllumiRoom projector. Unfortuantly, it seems this won’t be a reality in time for the new Xbox reveal on May 21.





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