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How Android is Making the Leap into Your Car


In collaboration with tyre fitting company, Click on Tyres, we can report that Android technology has now teamed up with numerous car manufacturers to integrate Android operating systems into vehicle dashboards.

With relationships involving the likes of Audi, Honda and Hyundai it seems that the mobile phone war may now be taken to our cars, as Apple has also announced deals with BMW, GM and Honda.

In a blog post published at the beginning of the year, Android said:

“Today, millions of people already bring Android phones and tablets into their cars, but it’s not yet a driving-optimized experience.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could bring your favorite apps and music with you, and use them safely with your car’s built-in controls and in-dash display?”

The news comes at a time when Google (parent company of Android), is also experimenting with self-autonomous cars, having had self-driven vehicles clock up over 50,000 miles of road in California, Nevada, Florida and Michigan.

With both hands on the steering wheel, it seems that Google may well pip Apple to the post when it comes to future car technology, with self-driving vehicles focusing on safety, and Android technology delving into comfort and ease.

This however, is not the first time that Android technology has been seen in cars, as the Android based Ca-Fi infotainment system was released in 2012, thoughfailed to make any large impact on the industry.

With that in mind however, analyst Jeremy Green says that:

“From car makers to the makers of car components, from the big software names to the telecoms players, everyone is piling into this market.

“People spend a lot of time in their cars and Google wants people to use its services wherever they are. Searching is something you do a lot of in the car.”

The Open Automotive Alliance (OAA), has also sent an open invite to technology and automotive companies to get on board for the future development of car technologies.

One of the biggest priorities of the OAA, who has Audi, GM, Google and Honda as members, is to work alongside several governments agencies to ensure that any future technology won’t distract drivers.

It has already been in contact with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to work on what is one of their biggest goals.

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