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The Best Android Apps for Travellers

Are you planning a getaway in the near future? Your smartphone can serve as a personal navigation system, concierge, flight tracker, and communication tool all at the same time. However, to make the most of its capabilities you’ll need to download the right apps. The following are a few of the most essential apps for travellers, all available for Android phones. Download them before you leave, and you can save on costly roaming charges while still retaining the full use of your phone.

Travel Math

Do the math involved in planning your trip with this useful app, which calculates the time and cost associated with each method of travelling to your destination. You can determine whether it will be more cost-effective and convenient to fly or drive, for example. The app factors in time, distance, and cost, to rank each option in terms of value. You can also compare driving or flying times to help you make your decision. The app covers destinations from all over the world.

Hotel Tonight

There are numerous apps that can be used to book hotels throughout the world, but one of the most convenient is Hotel Tonight. This allows you to compare hotels using your current location, at last minute prices. They offer the lowest rates possible along with backup customer support over email or phone. The app covers all major cities throughout North America and Europe, but is expanding rapidly.


Staying in touch with loved ones while travelling can be a challenge, but you have several options to lower your mobile phone tariffs abroad. One of these is networks like Skype. When you download their app, you can send messages, place phone calls, and share your videos or images with other users anywhere in the world. Phone calls are placed using internet connections, keeping costs low. However, Skype does have a monthly data cap, after which you have to pay for use. After this you might want to look at free international calls with or other service providers to save over the long term.


Are you bored of the typical cheesy postcards on offer at your destination? Postagram gives you a hip, modern version of the picture postcard to send to loved ones. With this service, you can use your own photo uploaded from your phone, Instagram, or Facebook account and customise it before sending it to the recipient of your choice. Your postcard will still arrive in the classic way, directly into a physical mailbox.


Travel blogs and guide books can be helpful when you are visiting a new destination, but you can benefit from up to the minute information from fellow travellers with the Minube library. There are currently over 24,000 destinations covered, including over 100,000 mini-guides written by other travellers who are on the ground visiting. Many of these are free, although some require a small fee to gain access. The app also serves as a social networking platform.

By taking the time to download these apps in advance, you can save money and have a stress-free travel experience.

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