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America’s Best Cities to Live In

Any list of this kind is going to be both highly unpopular and highly popular, depending on where you live. This is not going to be an opinion list, however, as there are indicators other than personal feeling that dictate how ‘good’ a city is to live. Schools, health care, housing, civil engagement, crime and culture are all indicators that coalesce together and allow cities a place on lists like this.

(This isn’t the actual list compiled by data collection agencies, but it is informed by that list as I wished to cover the whole country and give a wide selection of states and not just Colorado which has the highest rated cities on average).

Rochester, Minnesota

Rochester currently boasts the top spot on the list of ‘best American cities’, but it’s only in recent years that it managed to gain momentum and take the crown. Due to affordable housing and being the home of the famed Mayo Clinic, thousands of residents and business owners have been flocking here in recent years.

Madison, Wisconsin

Last year, Madison was considered the best place to live, before being toppled by Rochester and Bellevue this year. The health care in Madison is one of the highest rated in the country, plus it has an excellent school system and a very strong economy, which is why it fully deserves a spot on the list.

Santa Barbara, California

The highest ranked city on the west coast, Santa Barbara is one of the more beautiful cities on this list as it’s sandwiched between mountains to the East and the ocean to the west. Because of this, and it’s wealth of beaches, Santa Barbara has become a massive tourist destination and its economy has grown from strength to strength. If you’re looking for the Californian dream, then this is the city for you.

Austin, Texas

I had to include a city within Texas on this list, even though none of them rank particularly highly on the overall list. Austin is a vibrant and growing city that I think will soon be high up on the rankings. This Democrat city in a sea of Republicans is brimming with culture and excellent cuisine. The Austin realtors don’t really have much work to do as Austin sells itself, with its affordable housing and healthy mix of city elegance and natural beauty.

Boulder, Colorado

The highest ranking city in, apparently, the best state. As well as being the home to the Torrance family in The Shining before their nice trip up to that charming mountain hotel, this is the city of a thousand liberals. It is the home for arts and culture in the Mountain States and is both excellent to live in and vacation here.

Rockville, Maryland

I’d forgive you for not having heard of Rockville, but if you’re a young family, then Rockville is the perfect place to raise your kids with its incredible schools and job prospects in the blooming biomed and technology companies that call Rockville home. The city is also home to incredible food and shopping opportunities.

There you have it; 6 of the best cities to live here in the US.