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Amazon expands its Android Appstore to China

Android Appstore to China

Amazon's new Appstore for China.

Amazon’s new Appstore for China.

Amazon is aiming to rival Google in China by launching its own Android appstore for Chinese consumers.

Unveiled over the weekend, the Chinese version of the Amazon Appstore provides both free and paid apps, Reuters reported today. Google Play stocks only free apps for Chinese users, which makes Amazon the first Western tech company to set up a store for paid Android apps in China.

Amazon may now have a leg up on Google. But the retail giant also has to square off against local sites in China, many of which offer paid and free apps. But some of the apps from the local rivals are pirated copies or infected with malware, presenting an obstacle to users, according to Reuters.

A spokesman for Amazon told Reuters that the company was working with developers to create more apps for the new store.