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Amazing Lifestyle TO Overcome Obstacles towards an Active Lifestyle

Life should be simple, not complicated; however lately, we all seem to have been lost in the crowd and in the daily grind trying to find out our purpose in life. How many times have we wished that we could just take some time out for comradery? Or just sit back and do nothing except for looking back at things and just enjoying the beauty of the world around us. We may even find it difficult to indulge in the simplest luxuries of life due to lifestyle demands; however, there are a few things that may help us ease things a bit and cut down the stress. In this article, we will look at a few apps and products that could prove to be an excellent companion in tackling your daily woes and one of them can even help you and your partner experience the same level of closeness that you thought was lost somewhere in the daily grind.



You need your laundry done? Or is it home cleaning services you crave? UrbanClap can help you get things done without you ever having to run from pillar to post searching for the best service providers in your city. This nifty app offers close to a whopping 91 services at your fingertips such as salon services, wedding photography, yoga instructors etc. The service is currently available in 8 major cities in India and is expected to cover a lot more cities in the future. Not only does this handy app help you with your day to day requirements; it gives you the freedom to utilize that time in pursuing the other more substantial pleasures of life.



This cool product is a great addition to any family having a cat as a pet. Even though cats are quite independent and can take care of themselves better than dogs when left alone; they do feel lonely time to time and might need your reassurance. However, what if you are stuck in the office or the shitty city traffic? This is where Kittyo comes into play. This nifty device has been designed keeping in mind the relationship between you and your non-human companion. The product can easily be controlled using the kittyo app on your smartphone and lets you play, reward and soothe your pet from anywhere in the world. You can even talk to your pet and hand out treats to your furry friend to enjoy while you drive back home to be with them again. Although it’s a complete product and not just an application, we thought that it deserved to make it onto this list for bringing us one step closer to being with them no matter we might be.



Goodness gracious! Who would have thought that a time would come when even love would have to take a backseat and people wouldn’t even find the time to share some moments of bliss with the one they love. But alas, here we are in a world where even lovers tend to become strangers and sometimes all they need is something to spark that romance once again. Couple is an app designed exclusively for two of you; it’s your own little private digital world with no scope of third party interference as is the case with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or any of the other hundreds of communication apps flooding the world. Couple is meant just for the two of you. A place where you two can chat, share videos and pics or thumb kiss in peace. This is something you two should definitely have on your smartphone in case you are feeling a little disconnected and would like to reignite that lost flame.



So you think you are out of clothes and there is nothing in your wardrobe that you could possibly wear to that movie date tonight? Here comes Stylebook to the rescue! This is perhaps one of the most important apps of our lifetime. How else would you rate something that catalogs our entire wardrobe and lets us play around with combos on a digital playground to create something new and unique which is fashionable without having to spend a penny buying new clothes? Just use Stylebook and let it be your guide to becoming the head turner you have always wanted to be.

It is really not that difficult to organize an otherwise complicated life into tiny bits and pieces with technology coming to our rescue. However, we need to realize that technology can only do so much and in the end, it is us, who have to understand that staying busy and running around to achieve success is important; so is staying happy and spending time with our loved ones. In a nutshell, life is about living and not just existing and the only thing we are going to remember when we grow old are the incredible experiences that we have had in our lifetime and experiences cannot be lived in the confines of the boardroom. So get out there and play. For everything else, there is technology to help you out!

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