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AllMyTube Review – All-In-One Video Downloader

Your video downloader sucks!

I mean it. You copy the link of the hilarious YouTube video you just saw to your downloader, only to receive a dumb error message! The problem with most video downloaders available on the web is that they are not just developed fully. Their developers seem to be in a haste to get their product live, and the result which you see, is yet another cheap downloader.

In this article, I am going to review AllMyTube – a remarkable better video downloader with tons of other features.

What procedure I followed while downloading YouTube videos?

I have been into the online world since years, and by being engaged in nothing but curious exploration most of the time, I have seen these downloaders evolve.

First of all, Internet Download Manager (IDM) used to work like a charm. Most of the people would get the cracked copy and a download button would pop up every time they would watch a YouTube video. It worked, but IDM seems to be a glory of the past now. Then came the era of KeepVid. It eventually became the most popular downloader, but its conflicts with Java downgraded it. This is what works for me now:

· Hunt for a video downloader that works (SaveFrom works mostly)

· Use a Video Converter to make it compatible in case it isn’t

· Transfer it to my smartphone for portability.

Nice way to get going. But what if I told you there’s a better solution that can do all these three tasks simultaneously? What if I told you there’s a software that can do all of them? What if I told you that there exists an All-In-One YouTube Downloader that has a lot of outstanding features. Yes, I am talking about AllMyTube by WonderShare!

How AllMyTube can be a permanent solution?

Consider downloading a YouTube video to be a mechanical task. You need a set of tools to do your work, and you cannot predict which tool you need at what time. AllMyTube is a toolbox that contains all of the tools, so that you don’t have to hunt for the one you need.

Sounds strange? It might be (because I went just too illustrative! :p), so here are the features of AllMyTube that you should know:

Download videos from thousands of popular sites

AllMyTube is an awesome YouTube downloader with blazing fast download speed. Also, it supports downloading videos from thousands of popular sites. Be it YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, TED, MTV or any other site, AllMyTube supports them all! AllMyTube is so flexible that there is hardly any site which is not supported.


Talking about the quality, AllMyTube supports HD (720p & 1080p) as well as 4K video downloads. The default download quality can be changed in the preferences.

There are basically two ways of downloading a video from any site:

· Copy the video URL from the browser, and press the “Paste URL” button.

· Open a video in the browser and paste the “Record video” button.

Batch download videos (like download an entire playlist)

What would you do if you need an entire playlist in your hard drive? With your old downloader, you would copy-paste the URLs one by one and download videos one after the order tediously. But with AllMyTube, you can download videos in bulk. Be it a playlist or a channel, you can command to download instantly.


I bet no other software offers this feature!

Convert videos to 150+ formats

Why to go elsewhere when AllMyTube is there? Convert the downloaded video to any of the 150+ formats to make it compatible for almost every device, be it your iPhone, Android, Blackberry or even a feature phone! AllMyTube thus reduces the requirement of a separate converter and makes your work faster.


Record screen or video from online websites

As talked about earlier, AllMyTube allows you to record screen from online websites. This can be very helpful if the video you intend to download is from an unsupported website (which is usually very rare) or you want to record something which is not actually a video. Note that AllMyTube will require an additional virtual sound card for this, which can automatically be downloaded by the app.


Other crazy features of AllMyTube

With AllMyTube, you don’t even need to depend on your browser. There’s an inbuilt browser too, designed to catch up downloads from your favorite places.


Besides, there’s a unique Wi-Fi transfer feature. This feature lets you transfer files to your phone just by scanning a QR code. Say wow, you don’t even need a USB cable now!



Before buying, you can always choose to try! You’re offered a free trial for 15 days for AllMyTube. The cheapest plan is of $19 which is valid for one year. The next plan is of unlimited validity for 1 user, at $29. The below image describes the entire model:


Final Words

I have decided to make AllMyTube my personal YouTube assistant, and you should probably do that too! What’s your take on this awesome software? Let me know your views in the comments section below!