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Alleged images of iPhone 5S leaked out of Foxconn factory

Alleged images of iPhone 5S

Are you ready? Alleged pictures of Apple’s next-generation iPhone, purportedly taken inside a Foxconn factory, have been posted on a Chinese forum. The post, which was put up earlier this week, says this is definitely the iPhone 5S.

Chinese gadget blog Gizchina published those photos, which are claimed to have been taken despite Foxconn stepping up security on Apple’s insistence. The company has been the original design manufacturer of every iPhone and iPad till date.


The front face of the alleged iPhone 5S

The pictures show the assembly line for the iPhone 5S, along with close-ups of the screen as well as the tightly-packed innards. Other photos show a bunch of Foxconn workers sitting idly by while the spy continued clicking pictures of the phone.

There are other pictures too, showing the inside of the iPhone 5S, especially the way the battery is affixed and other sundry chips. The phone looks almost identical to the iPhone 5, so we wouldn’t be surprised if it actually is just a production line for the current model. It seems the spy paparazzi had plenty of time with the next-gen model. There are several pictures from all possible angles. One of them shows the mesh cut-out for the speaker grills flanking the cut-out for the Lightning port, just like in the current model.

iPhone 5S screens on the assembly line

iPhone 5S screens on the assembly line

Earlier, Chinese site Sina Weibo reported that both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 had been spotted by a supplier. The rumour seemed to confirm that the iPhone 5S is almost physically identical to the current iPhone 5. But more interestingly, it also suggested that the iPhone 6, which may or may not be released this year, sports a 5-inch display, a longer body and is reportedly thinner than the already slim iPhone 5.

Rumours about Apple’s plan for the next-gen iPhone have been coming in thick and fast in recent months. Last month, an upstream supply source revealed that Apple is about to announce three iPhones this year – a regular update to the iPhone 5, an iPhone with a larger display dubbed iPhone Math and a cheaper, more accessible version of the iconic phone for emerging markets and the likes. The company recently announced the 128GB iPad, so there’s a good chance that the new iPhone will also have a fourth size option, besides the current variants.