All you need to know about American School of Paris

The school is the temple of knowledge, the magic potion to boost both the mental and physical strength of students, and the catapult to attain excellence in academics and co-curricular activities. Whether it’s preschool, grade school, or secondary school, Paris is an excellent place for training. Most common schools in Paris are dialect schools that work in teaching a variety of various nationalities and personalities. In this post, we will learn about ASP international school of Paris, an independent day school teaching an American curriculum to students from in Paris.

The American School of Paris is more than just a school; it is a conglomeration of passionate faculties, an enriched environment, education beyond the classroom, and every aspect of turning a student into an all-round successful citizen. It has one peaceful green campus covered with all greenery and an open field. The school was founded in 1946, focusing on the children who arrived in Paris. The campus covers a total area of 10 acres and is located at the southern end of Saint-Cloud. ASP is one of the largest American international school in Paris, France. ASP is accredited by the MS Association and Council of an international school.

All you need to know about American School of Paris 1

The institute has a rolling admissions policy, so you don’t need to worry about the admissions process’s deadlines. It is advised to apply for admission earliest as possible. For more information on admissions, please contact the Institute representatives.


Some of the features hosted by the Institute are environmentally certified buildings, separate classrooms for various core subjects, provision to encourage art and craft, cafeteria and pavilions for newbies, vast acres of newly constructed learning building, a season resistant flexible sports field, ten multipurpose spaces and eight science laboratories as well. It has two libraries enhanced with media resources. The institute also has four computer labs equipped with the latest computers. Other ASP campus facilities include two gyms, a soccer football field, two cafeterias, arts, science labs, etc.

To summarize, academic excellence and personality development are building blocks of ISP. It offers a warm and immediate embrace, where healthy and lasting relationships thrive.

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