All that you need to know about Commander one tool

You will be amazed to know that Commander One is a powerful tool that helps to interface with your system in a new, innovative way. Moreover, the app is written in Swift programming language, making it feel like that of Mac OS’s natural part. Now you can do your everyday work without any trouble. You can manage your files, and sharing data between iOS devices has also become easy. The commander is the Mac file manager, which helps you use the iOS device efficiently.

What is Commander one tool?

Commander One is the free Mac file manager that the Norton Commander influences. The best part of this file manager is that it follows two-panel paradigms. It also gives more functionality to Mac users. While using this tool, you will find that they have a double-panel layout that makes working with files easy. These tools’ main productivity starts with the two-panel design, the unlimited number of tabs, and different views: the Brief, Full, and Thumbs.


While copying the file to a destination, we may have encountered many problems, like being unable to find the specific file, and for that reason, we started using the finder windows. This ultimately makes your copy operation slow; to deal with this problem, the commander tool came up with various sorting options by which you can easily filter your file. This will help eliminate the opening of different finder windows or tabs, and in turn, you can perform your operation efficiently.

The feature of the Commander one tool

With the Commander One tool, you can perform various operations that are moving, deleting, and copying the non-contiguous file. Also, you can select multiple files while doing this operation. You will be shocked to know that while copying files or data from one device to another, you can also rename them simultaneously. Mentioned below are some of the features of this tool.

The alternative of the finder app

The problem that we were facing with the Finder app was that it did not have the feature to view the frequently accessed files, but with the Commander One tool, you can easily find them using a favorite section. This section allows you to check the history of the files that you have accessed. Moreover, if you are a pro user, I assure you that you will like the complex actions, which can easily be triggered using the custom keyboard combination. Furthermore, if you use many files and folders, you can switch to the Brief view; this is more convenient, as you will not see the Metadata. The main benefit that you will get is that you can speed up the operation significantly. Moreover, you can add multiple functions; the procedures will be queued, and you can work in the background.


Enjoy the Built-in archive tool.

One tool’s interesting feature is that they have a built-in feature to compress and unpack the file, such as ZIP, RAR, TAR, or the 7ZIP. You do not need to install additional software to your iOS operating system to compress any data. If you have used the finder app, you must have noticed that the app hides the hidden data from your view, making it difficult to get full access to the files. In the Commander One tool, you can easily navigate between the original and the hidden files. The functionality fact that happens here is that the Commander One tool treats the remote file like a normal one, which helps you get complete access to the files present in the Mac’s system.

Perform advanced search

The advanced search has become easy with the introduction of the commander tool. It has a built-in search option, which helps in indexing the content of the document. Due to this, you can even find a needle in a haystack. All that you need to do is type a relevant keyword, or if you want, you can also search for the text, which is present inside the document. Moreover, it also supports regular expression, which in turn helps you in performing a case-sensitive search.


It gives you cloud storage support.

Apart from the local files, you can also access your NAS devices, which connect with the remote servers through SFTP, FTPS, or FTP and easily retrieve data from Android or iOS devices. Additionally, you can also change the remote file permission with the use of these protocols. The good thing is that you can use the drag-and-drop option to move the files between multiple FTP servers. The Commander One tool works efficiently with the remote files, and it will give you the feeling as if it is located on your computer.


Customizable your settings

The most important feature of this tool is that it is highly customizable, and you can adjust it as per your requirements and work efficiently. The device has a preference menu with the help of which you can easily customize the default apps and hotkeys, and at the same time, you can also adjust the relevant settings. Alternatively, you can change the background color and make it your choice. Other benefits are that you can view the active system list and filter them for your further usage.

You can say that the Commander one is the full dual-pane file manager instead of the overlay software. Commander One makes you work faster with all your files on the Mac system. The best thing about this tool is that you can download it for free and use its entire feature without restriction for fifteen days, after which some of its features will be restricted, and you can only use them when you become a pro member.

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