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Advantages of Having Solar Panels Installed on Your Home

Advantages of Having Solar Panels Installed on Your Home

Advances in technology have made solar panels into one of the best investments that you can make for your home – especially if your house is in an area that can expect consistent sunlight throughout the year. In fact, technology has advanced so much that many new benefits to the technology have become apparent, so let’s go over the biggest advantages.


Advantage One: Solar Panels Will Save You Money

This is not a prediction – this is a fact that can, and has been proven. In 2011, the Cost of Solar network noted an average savings of $20,000 to almost $65,000 over a 20-year period, depending on where the system was set up. In other words, you could reasonably expect to save $1500 (or more) on an annual basis as a result of the reduced electrical bills.

On top of that, the costs of solar panels have come down since the study was conducted, so the entire system can be paid off sooner… and from then on it’s money going straight into your pocket.

Advantage Two: Solar Power Provides Security

It can’t stop thieves from breaking into your home unless it’s powering a good security system, but solar power is an extremely secure source of energy. Nobody can take away the sun; nobody can monopolize the sun, and nobody can threaten to cut off power gained from your private solar panels.

In fact, you could lose access to every other source of electricity (like, say, your power plant) and still be fine if you had solar panels installed. That may not seem important now, but if a major natural disaster hits, then having solar panels to provide electricity for your home could be a major help when you need it the most.

Advantage Three: Solar Energy is Good for Society

It’s hard to see on the individual level, but solar power can create a significant impact on entire nations when it’s put to good use. Specifically, energy savings on a mass scale could easily amount to trillions of dollars saved (and in a surprisingly short timespan), which means that all of that money could be put to use in other areas.

Just imagine what could happen if that much money was freed up for household spending – everyone would have more money to spend on the things they want or need, which helps to make the entire country stronger. The effects of solar power ripple outwards from the houses where they’re used, and when enough houses have solar panels installed, those can be some big ripples.

Advantage Four: Solar Power is Environmentally Friendly

People have different views on how important the environment is, but most would rather see a clean world than a dirty one. Fortunately, solar power is incredibly friendly to the environment; it doesn’t have the smoke or pollution that many other forms of energy production do, and that means you can honestly feel good about using it.

As with the cost savings mentioned above, this is the sort of advantage that’s small on an individual level, but huge when you look at the combined effects. When you support solar power, you’re helping to support a world that’s better for you, your family, and even your children to live in.

Advantage Five: Solar Power Matches Human Activity

The best time to use any sort of solar panel is during the middle of the day… which, interestingly enough, is when you’re most likely to be using energy-hogging appliances like air conditioners. The production of electricity is usually based on the place that the power is coming from; wind is highly intermittent, dams can provide a steady flow, and gas or coal can be burned on demand… but all of these require attention and produce waste. Solar power (and thus, solar panels) matches the activity of most humans, providing steady power at a rate that suits our lifestyles.