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Transfer in Paris: advantages of international service KiwiTaxi

Are you planning to visit Paris – the city of romance, artists and musicians – for the first time? Avid travelers know that the guarantee of a smooth trip is thorough organisation of the whole process – starting from buying tickets and ending with booking a room in a hotel. However, there is one more thing which should not be overlooked. Imagine that your plane has landed and you are already at the airport, but you are still 25 km away from the city! You will have to take a taxi from Paris airport and that is where problems might arise. First of all, it’s always crowded at airports so you may not be able to find a suitable vehicle in a short time. Secondly, you are not secure from negligent drivers, faulty cars and accidents caused by them. You might get swindled and pay more since you are new in the city and unaware of what is a reasonable price for a taxi in Paris. That being said, experience has shown that the only right and secure way is to take care of booking a taxi from Charles de Gaulle airport in advance and opt for services from a specialised company.

KiwiTaxi Transfers

If the hotel where you’re planning to stay does not offer transfer services from airports, you can check our website and book a car from economy to luxury class for a small group of people or a minibus for a big group.

KiwiTaxi ensures all vehicles provided are in good condition with properly functioning equipment and a presentable look. We care about your safety and comfort and see it as our priority to make your trip as smooth as possible.
If you’re going to travel with a small child, make a note about it in the booking form and we will make sure to provide you with a child seat.
The convenience of transfer services lies in the fact that upon your arrival our driver will meet you right at the airport, holding a plate with your name and the name of the company. This way you’ll find each other fast and will be able to head for the car straightaway. You’ll be sure to be helped with your luggage, which is especially important if you travel on your own with young children. Even in case your flight is delayed, don’t panic, our driver will definitely wait for you and will deliver you to the hotel. If you’re taking a kid with you, don’t forget to mention it so that the company provides you with a child seat for the trip.

Prices for KiwiTaxi transfers

Booking a transfer from an airport, please note that prices depend on a selected car model and a number of passengers. You can find all prices on KiwiTaxi website.
International online booking service KiwiTaxi is all about convenience, comfort, safety and affordability.